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Lying in Bed Thinking About Beds

Do you ever have one of those nights where you wake up after just three hours of sleep, and the sky is still black and the house is dead silent and the clock is blinking 2:47 am, but you feel as awake as though you'd just clocked in a solid 10 hours? It's that kind of night around here.

Little L (who is still co-sleeping and the snuggliest bed-buddy around) roused at 2:30 am and insisted that I:
a) immediately put in my mandibular device - I guess I was snoring, and
b)surrender my right arm for her use as a pillow.

I'm not a big fan of back sleeping, but when your big little kid is lying on your right arm and cutting off circulation, that's like the best option of having a decent sleep. It's also the only optimal position for arm extraction.

Just as I had a feeling that weaning was near (even if it came years after most kids wean from breastfeeding), I am starting to get that inkling in my gut that our co-sleeping days are drawing to a close. Little L has developed a keen interest in bunk beds, despite not having a sibling to share it with. She wanted the Calico Critter bunk beds, she wanted the Peppa Pig house for its bunk bed accessory, and now life may very well imitate play.  While it's by no means a fancy bed since it's from Jysk, which I consider the ugly stepsister of IKEA, my kid has taken a fancy to this one:

I am admittedly a bit smitten with the drawers and storage, too, but it's my little who keeps asking when we will be picking this up. She really really wants to sleep on the top bunk. I have no doubt that she's hoping that I will move myself out of my king-sized Sealy Posturepedic onto the hard, thin twin bunk below. Dream on, child.

*BUT* - having a bottom bunk is handy for those nights when I am dead tired but I have to stay in the room with her until she's out. It can be my napping nook, I figure. Not the I have any time for a blessed nap - although maybe today I will need one, given the wake-up time. I'm already picturing myself passing out on the bottom bunk and slinking my way back to my beautiful, big bed at 2:47 in the morning. Hopefully, without the insomnia.

The catch is - the top bunk is not recommended for those under the age of 6. So while my kiddo may look like she is 7 (trust me, compared to the newly-graduated first graders in her school, she's still taller and bigger), she is still too young to be on her preferred bunk. That's my rationale for holding off on the purchase until her birthday. That, and the fact that the bed itself is $700 before adding the cost of mattresses and bedding (and shipping and assembly, because we ain't building that shiz ourselves), makes it a steep purchase that we really don't want to invest in this month. After all, I just started a new business, *and* we just had a steep month dropping money on her new stroller and piano.

But like the proverbial dangling carrot, this might just be the incentive I'm looking for to entice my kiddo into sleeping independently. While I already know I will miss having her little body snuggled up against mine, forcing me to sleep on three precarious inches at the edge of the the bed, I'm also excited to enjoy the grandeur of the king mattress, and to find my way back into sleeping on Hubbs, and cutting off *his* left arm circulation. :) #applesandtrees

**How did you co-sleeping parents out there transition your littles to their own room and bed? What tricks and tools of the trade am I missing? I need some solid advice to get me equipped for the eventual eviction!**


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