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Playtime Paediatric Dentistry - Our Rave Review

Little L isn't exactly a fan of dentists. Her first one, from a popular paediatric dental clinic, was opinionated and fairly forceful in his attempts to count her two-year-old teeth and shame us into weaning (we didn't listen). We switched to a local mom-type dentist in the hopes of a better experience, but that dentist was a nightmare; she refused to give Little L a toy (after dangling that incentive to elicit her cooperation) when my kid didn't want to have air sprayed into her mouth.  Traumatizing on so many levels, and unacceptable considering we had warned them in advance of Little L's anxiety. We returned to the first paediatric dental clinic and saw another dentist, who was actually very patient and kind with Little L, but whose availability at our local clinic was so limited that it was darn near impossible to get scheduled in without several months' notice.

Then my blog friend Jen (from Mama.Papa.Bubba.) IG'ed her experience at Playtime Paediatric Dent…

Lying in Bed Thinking About Beds

Do you ever have one of those nights where you wake up after just three hours of sleep, and the sky is still black and the house is dead silent and the clock is blinking 2:47 am, but you feel as awake as though you'd just clocked in a solid 10 hours? It's that kind of night around here.

Little L (who is still co-sleeping and the snuggliest bed-buddy around) roused at 2:30 am and insisted that I:
a) immediately put in my mandibular device - I guess I was snoring, and
b)surrender my right arm for her use as a pillow.

I'm not a big fan of back sleeping, but when your big little kid is lying on your right arm and cutting off circulation, that's like the best option of having a decent sleep. It's also the only optimal position for arm extraction.

Just as I had a feeling that weaning was near (even if it came years after most kids wean from breastfeeding), I am starting to get that inkling in my gut that our co-sleeping days are drawing to a close. Little L has develope…