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New Wheels: Preschooler Edition - S

Up until two weeks ago, Little L preferred her scooter (a Globber Three-Wheel My Free Scooter) to her bike because her bike was "too hard to pedal." We had bought her a Huffy Cinderella-themed one that came with fancy streamers on the handles and a carriage basket in the front. Super cute, and it matched her bike helmet. Unfortunately, since she didn't have the leg strength or coordination to pedal this bike, I was constantly having to bend down to guide her feet in the direction it should move. It sucked for my back and also for my girl; constant starts and stops made her biking experience less than enjoyable.

And so, the bike sat for months without any use. Thank God for garages.

Then, one day, while browsing through our junk mail, I happened to come across the Supercycle Kickstart bike ad in the Canadian Tire catalogue. I immediately did a Google investigation on the bike, only to discover that it was a CT exclusive item, meaning it had no Amazon reviews, and no other…

Size is Relative

Something fishy is afoot with clothing sizes. I mean, there has always been some inconsistency from brand to brand, store to store and style to style. However, here's what I have noticed:

When I was an eating-disordered teenager, I recall weighing in at a trim 107 pounds, which is pretty thin for my build. I mean, I was straight up fainting some days. By then, I had almost (if not already) reached my adult height of 5'2", give or take an inch. Anyway, despite being skinny enough to be told I was looking unhealthy (and actually being unhealthy), I recall shopping at Bootlegger and Ricki's -the "cool" stores - and still needing a size 8/10, or a 28" jean (which was considered size 10 at the time). I honestly don't think I wore anything smaller than a 6. Keep in mind that as an adolescent who had just shed her baby weight (and then some), I didn't have a lot of muscle tone. I was just skin and bones, but I consistently fit sizes 6-10. I was a soli…