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A Vision to Behold

We recently took the little miss to the developmental optometrist (Dr. Randhawa) because a) this optometrist is amazing with little kids, and b) she is well-versed in vision therapy and visual processing issues. While I'm fairly certain that Little L had no need for vision therapy, I did want her to see someone who knew how to look for these kinds of things.

Up until this point, Little L had only seen one other optometrist, and for a mere 10 minutes. She was quite young back then, and had neither the patience nor the desire to sit through even the most cursory eye exam. This time, however, our visit was prompted by my kiddo, who must have been reading some books about getting glasses on her Epic Books or PlayKids Stories subscriptions.

Anyway, I've never seen someone so excited to go in for an eye exam. It was unreal. Little L *skipped* into the corner office, and tried her very best to be patient (which is a huge feat if you know how she normally is) while she waited for her …

The Thing About My Trauma

I had an entire post written about a traumatic set of experiences that I had during my sophomore year of teaching overseas. It involved workplace bullying, and the kind of psychological/emotional/social alienation and abuse that you'd see in junior high or the Mean Girls movie. It was dramatic and ugly and every bit as devastating to me as a twenty-something as it was when I was 14 and dealing with it.

I'd love to regale you with tales of how unjustly I, and some others on staff, had been treated by this group of female workplace bullies, but it serves little purpose except to assuage my still-bruised ego and self-esteem. A decade and a half later, bringing it up just to elicit some sympathy from my online friends seems kind of petty. Really petty.

But the trauma remains. It doesn't go away. Somehow the name of the "ringleader" of this group crossed my social media yesterday, and even the mere sight of it made me freeze. A lump started forming in my throat at ab…