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Christmas Right Up to 2017, or Another Trip to the Market

I am so excited that this year, the Vancouer Christmas Market is open on New Year's Eve, and they are also hosting a family-friendly event to ring it in!

On Dec. 31, from 11:00am - 9:00pm, they're continuing to run the regular market (hello roasted pork hocks and chimney cakes!), plus they're adding extra goodies for the littles, like free kids' caricatures, balloon animals/twists, and glitter tattoos from 11:00am to 5:00pm. The admission is $8/adult but kiddos under 6 are free, and I think my season pass is still good for this event (which is perfect since we still have carousel tokens to use up)!

Link to the entertainment schedule for the 31st:

Best part? It is a dry event, so they won't be serving up any pints, and that means that your kiddos won't have to navigate through crowds of inebriated grown-ups holding (and spilling) steins and spaetzel and pretzels on their little heads 😂
Unless the weather decides to t…


Up until now, Little L has not really known snow. Our travels into AB during winter happened when she was too young to remember, and it hasn't snowed significantly in the GVA in about 1000 days.

Until now.
Oh, yes, it's snowing like Edmonton in November. And my now-cognizant 4.5 year old is eating it up. In some cases, literally. 

We have had snowball fights, built quasi-snow penguins, and made snow angels. We have tasted and touched and even made ourselves some snow ice cream. It's like Christmas came early for my kiddo, and she is loving every cold white minute of it. 

One thing that this sudden blast of Arctic air has taught me is how woefully underprepared we were for the cold. Not for ourselves, of course; we still have all our warm gear from our AB days. For Little L, however, we literally didn't have anything that would permit her to play in the snow. Her three pairs of boots that I bought for the season were not warm enough or grippy enough or too hard to put o…

Countdown Advent(ures) 2016

>We legitimately try not to spoil Little L too much, although the temptation is definitely there since she's our one and only. For her part, Little L doesn't ask for too much either; she still has zero exposure to commercials so she has no idea what popular toys she's "missing out" on. She doesn't have any interest in going to ToysRUs or the local toy store situated a mere four blocks away, and she prefers books and stickers to just about anything else in the world.
What then is one to do about her Christmas gifts? I have family members and friends who want to bless her with presents but haven't a clue where to begin with my curious little lady. 
As her mama, I am at a loss too. I am still mid-purge with her old toys, so I'm not keen to lose the space I'm only now reclaiming. I also strive to find a balance between being extravagant and practical, intentional and fun. It is no easy task.
This year, because of our travel plans over the holidays…

A Night in Two Parts at the Vancouver Christmas Market

I've been doing the Advent countdown with Little L, and I've been mixing gifts of varying sizes (from a box of Christmas bandaids to a gorgeous reading tent from Domestic Objects) with experiences for her to enjoy over the course of 25 days.

We have already opened four gifts and gone on the Polar Express in Squamish, and tonight we enjoyed the Vancouver Christmas Market, courtesy of Murray Paterson Marketing. Because we brought an impatient preschooler along, we were only able to enjoy a few of the awesome features offered at this year's bigger and better market, which is being held at the Jack Poole Plaza for the first time. As such, we will be back for an adults-only encore for date night tomorrow, which means this post will be broken down into two parts: avec Little L and sans the munchkin.
****Avec La Petite L****
Of course our kid's favourite feature, and the one we beelined to upon entry, was the carousel. Rides are $3/ride or $10/five rides, but most ticket package…

The Hidden Costs of Having a Direct-Sales Home-Based Business

So you want to start your own home business? The opportunities are everywhere, ranging from toys and books to make-up and clothing to pots and pans and sugar and spice. The offers sounds lucrative, too, especially at a bottom-barrel starting price of just $20 or $200 or some number in-between; for that amazing value, you also get a bunch of business materials to help you get your business off the ground. Too good to be true?

If it is a true MLM, then yes. You're better served running in the opposite direction, before you take your friends to the cleaners and destroy all of your social relationships.

But I'm not talking about MLM's here; I'm talking about legit businesses with products (or services) that are high-quality and well-established. These are household brands that have been around anywhere from five years to five decades. Many have great reputations and are internationally-renown; some are even publicly-traded! The products and services are usually so awesome…