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An Eyeliner Switcheroo

For the past several years, I've been a very loyal Stila Stay All Day Waterproof Eye Liner fan. I mean, I use the stuff every single day, and I like to do dramatic wings on my eyes, so I need a quality eyeliner that is high pigment, won't smear, and has an amazing fine-tipped brush that will let me draw my eyeliner wings to a very long, dramatic tip. My standards are exacting when it comes to liquid liner. 

That said, my wallet hates me for it. Those amazing liners cost $30 a pop, and they only last a couple of months at the rate that I use them. 
So, as any responsible adult tries to do, I've attempted to save money and find a cheaper alternative. I've used all sorts of liners sent by IPSY, or bought at my local drugstore. Unfortunately, every attempt I've made has resulted in great regret. The brush applicator was too wide or too short. The eyeliner smudged too easily. The pigment wasn't dark enough. You get the idea.
However, I think I've finally found m…

Bethesda Skincare - a Totally Biased Review

Sometimes I am as subtle as a jackhammer. Today might be one of those times. It's because I am so excited about the soap from Bethesda Skincare! If I don't tell you about it, it will be on my conscience forever.

Okay, so in full disclosure, I did happen to get a few bars gratis, because my friend happens to be in charge of their marketing and product design. That said, I did offer to pay for the soap, because I had every intention of supporting them with my money.
So, what makes Bethesda's bar soaps so amazing that I'm shilling for them? I don't usually write reviews for products unless they are personally awesome sauce in my books, and I only ever write reviews as PSA's to warn you, or to bless you. In this case, I'm doing you a favour by sharing the love. ;)
1) This soap is good for you.  Have you ever considered that your skin is a living organ? I had not. But when you think about it, soap is meant to be a surfactant of sorts. It takes bad stuff off the …