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Friday's Face

As you may know, the Trader Joe facial antioxidant products that I had raved about in an earlier post ended up burning my face due to my sensitivity to Vitamin C acid. Since I had already had a prior reaction when using another direct sale product, my skin decided to punish me for putting it through hell a second time. This go round, the warm, inflamed scaly patches refused to be quelled with the LaNeige Water Night Mask.

What's a girl with sandpaper skin to do?

Enter Saadia Argan Oil. Made by Moroccan relatives of this local company, this pure and natural oil literally saved my skin. It was in full burning/dry/rough mode as of Wednesday night, so I dug up my bottle and applied a good dose yesterday morning, and by this morning, my skin was feeling 90% better. For good measure, I applied a second dose 😊 The redness is gone, the skin temperatures have returned to cool, the swelling is no more, and most of that awful bumpy texture has been replaced by smooth, moisturized skin. I fi…

Tuesday Tip

I'm not a big fan of synthetic things but I am a huge fan of efficiency, or maybe I'm just lazy. Whichever. Regardless, here's a life hack for ya! Disclaimer: it does involve chemical-laden materials so if you're all-natural, toxin-free, ethically-raised and locally-sourced exclusive, this isn't for your crunchy granola heart.

Today, yours truly burnt cream cheese onto her stainless steel pot today. Yes, I stepped away for all of a minute and it burned. Iron Chef I am not. 
So yeah, I remembered reading something about using a Bounce dryer sheet to help eliminate scrubbing and make cleaning the pot a lot less painful. Less scrubbing? Sold. 
I tossed a fresh dryer sheet into the pot with an inch of warm water and let it soak all day. The white sheet did a great job of covering up the nasty brown burns so I didn't mind leaving it on my stovetop, like some science experiment in the works.

Then, when I prepped dinner, I remembered to clean the pot. I mean, it was rig…

Three Monday Must-Buys

Here's a quick recap of a few things I've recently discovered and highly recommend to you. Let me know if you're already a fan - these aren't necessarily new products, just new to me!

Trader Joe's Face Products  EDIT: Nevermind, back to the drawing board 
Remember how I was really loving Laneige, until I wasn't anymore? My nose was starting to be riddled with tiny pimples, the result of what I suspect was a too-rich formulation of their skin care system for my t-zone. I am still digging their Water Night Mask, but I'm out of their toner (which I also loved), and the other steps have long since been abandoned from my routine for making my nose break out. 
I had briefly moved on to the La Roche-Posay Hydrophase system, the result of a hasty and desperate drug store search for some product to replace my Laneige. Sure, I could have done some proper research and gone higher end, but I was working with a month-end beauty budget and a distinct lack of time, so I settl…

A Toy Story

We are, as you know, in the midst of purging some of Little L's toys. She had a whole bunch of them that were sold on Varage Sale, and several more that are currently being prepped for sale. While her stuffies all remain untouched (due to sentimental value according to her, or Hubbs, or myself), her other toys hold far less meaning and have thus been ruthlessly offered up for public sale.

And it has been interesting to note: when she has fewer things, her imagination explodes. While I'm sure you knew that truth already, it bears repeating because I knew it too. But somehow, in the fray of parenthood, I forgot about this. I got sucked up into the hype that certain shiny, loud, colourful toys would help aid her pretend play, or bring about a more satisfying playtime experience.

This has not proven true. If anything, the opposite has occurred. All of the toys I bought her stifled her imagination for that particular kind of play, but in removing those toys, her imagination has ret…