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Our Purges and Splurges

Varage Sale and FB buy/sell/swap groups are ingenious creations. Prior to these very convenient online services, we used to have to host or attend garage sales that sucked away our weekends, or go thrifting in dank and smelly stores, or list and buy our items on Craigslist and risk crossing paths with a shady person. Now? We can buy and sell our crap used goods from the comfort of anywhere (including the potty), provided we have a good WiFi signal and our smartphone handy.

God bless technology.

Lately, I've been watching my kid play, and what I've discovered is that she would far prefer reading her books or playing with stickers to actually playing with most of her toys. Sure, her stuffies, Calico Critters and Lalaloopsy dolls still see some action, but not her musical toys from two years ago, or her Duplo. Her iPad also been a main source of entertainment, especially now that she has discovered the Party with PlayKids app.

Anyway, I've seen what hoarding looks like. I am …

And Then I Remember

As a family, we have recently undergone yet another transition in our faith life. We had joined a new church last year when we moved to our new location, preferring the small, intimate setting of this body of believers (all seemingly at our age/stage of life) to the big congregations we had belonged to before.  We also loved its relatively close proximity to our home.

However, we felt compelled to return to our downtown church a few weeks ago, partly because we knew it would better meet our spiritual needs and goals as a family, and partly because we missed that church and its leadership. With sadness, we bid adieu to the new friends we had made, and traded the 10-minute car ride for a 40-minute one. 
For those in the know, this is not the first downtown church in our lives. When we initially moved into the city, we had attended and served in an up-and-coming church to which we had really given our all. We were bought in 110% and coasting the fast-track to deaconship (well, Hubbs was…