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Unexpected, or The Life of David

As it turns out, the word unexpected was a prophetic word for 2016. Only as I reflect back now do I realize that Hubbs is in fact living a life of David. The David of the Bible. Yes, that one.

You see, nearly a decade ago, Hubbs took on a Goliath of sorts in his professional career. It was a very large, very established project that had gone off the rails; Hubbs had joined the team as a senior developer who quickly saw how to defeat the monstrous issues that plagued his client and their software. With persistence and skill, Hubbs was able to gain the trust of his superiors and assemble a small "army" of developers and architects to help rebuild the system and deliver a successful version 2.0 ahead of schedule.

At the time, we didn't consider that project to be what would establish Hubbs' career path going forward, but it did.

Fast forward to the recent past. Forgive the analogy-heavy, vague descriptions and liberal use of metaphor, which I am intentionally referencin…

Public Solicitation, or The Story Behind The Story

My mom is a semifinalist in the EIA Great Jetaway contest! Here is my shameless request for all of your votes (daily, per device. Please vote often!).

The thing about vignettes and video clips is that brevity is key, so my mom's story got heavily edited, despite the amazing work of the EIA media team. I just wanted to backfill the details a little bit more. Mom was born and raised in China/Hong Kong. When she was in her early twenties, she agreed to an arranged marriage with my Dad to obtain her citizenship status, so that she could eventually sponsor her entire family to come to Canada. As the eldest daughter, this was one of the things her family had expected her to do, even though it meant uprooting her entire life and relocating across the world when she was just 23. She had only known my dad for about 2 months when they exchanged vows, and three months after their first meeting, she left behind all of her friends and her family, and essentially moved from her father's h…

Two Years

The room was filled with nervous energy and hushed tones. On occasion, a laugh or a wail interrupted the quietude, the product of babies and toddlers growing restless from the wait. Snacks were offered, as were iPads, to appease the impatient. My entire family was gathered together in one space, all dressed in our finest attire; had the location been any different, one might have thought we were preparing for a wedding. It was, however, the day when we would be laying my father to rest.

While the days leading up to his passing were a blur, as were the ones that preceded his funeral, a few moments play in my mind very clearly. One would be the hour he entered into eternity, which happened to be an hour before our boarding time to fly back. In the early morning chaos of getting the last of our bags packed and moved to the door, Hubbs and I had been fumbling our way through the living room in near darkness. We were just about to rouse our sleepy toddler and call the cab company when my p…