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Why The Tree May Be Staying Boxed This Year

In past years, I have consistently made a stink about not setting up the Christmas tree in a timely manner. Hubbs is not into Christmas decorating, so convincing him to assist me in hauling all of the Christmas stuff up from storage has always been a challenge, and more often than not, a bribe is usually involved. I, however, am the person who cranks the Christmas station on the XM dial the moment Remembrance Day is over. I LOVE LOVE LOVE everything about Christmas, from the festive golds and forest greens and cherry reds, to the special merchandise packaging "gift sets," to the bustling malls aglitter with artificial trees and ornaments. For me, the season comes alive with holiday cheer (and holiday grouchiness, which I have an inexplicable ability to block out), and I ride it like a drug-induced high (or at least, what I perceive a high to be. I've never taken drugs).

This year, however, my November has been filled up with book-selling events. Between that and being a…