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Hustling and Bustling and Thankful Hearts

Obviously my posting frequency has really dipped these last few weeks, to the point where I would say I'm not even worthy of "mom blogger" status at this point! It isn't intentional, of course, but as with all things, life ebbs and flows through different seasons, and some are simply busier than others.
Right now, we are in "hustle" mode, forcing the blog to take a back seat to juggling new (preschool!) schedules, my Usborne commitments, and keeping our business books up to date. Hubbs has started working onsite at his client offices, so we have also been adjusting to his daytime absence and commuting hours. Add to that a busier day with an active 3.5 year-old, and sometimes the hours just escape me.

In the midst of all this chaos and change, I am so thankful for a God who never changes. I'm grateful that He has continued to show our little family an abundance out of His grace, and while we find ourselves sometimes a bit breathless from the hectic pace …