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Parenting Is Scary - Part 67982, or How We Ended Up at the ER Twice in a Day

Yesterday afternoon, while Little L was playing outside with her nanny, she tripped on the uneven cement path beside our house, fell, and hit her head against one of the cement steps. Suddenly, I heard her piercing wail from inside the house. Then I heard the nanny calling for me, flustered and unsure about what to do next. She quickly blurted, "She fell outside. She's bleeding! What should I do?!" By this time, blood was splattered on my daughter's face and t-shirt, and soaking through the paper towels being held against her forehead. The small, deep crater was pooling with blood every time we removed pressure from her head.

It's a miracle that I didn't lose it right there, but despite my inward fear I was able to maintain my outward calm; I rushed over to console Little L and check on her wound while directing my nanny to call 811 or 911. As she spoke with the operator, I checked my daughter's vitals and examined her wound. Thankfully, by this time it …

A Calendar Fit For a Child

I'm referring to this gem I scored, made by Melissa & Doug, a while ago. Now that Little L is 3.5, she is really getting into helping change our daily magnetic calendar, and anticipating events while she learns about time.

Of all the calendars out there, this one best resembles the "calendar time" I did daily with my Grade 1's. That's not to say that it's too old for 3.5 year olds, however; my kid is able to do most of it with just a bit of verbal promoting and some guided questions.
The calendar's features include:
- separate boxes for year/month/date and season (lots of number practice and learning the months of the year and seasons)
- a section for yesterday/today/tomorrow (to learn the chronological order of the days of the week and identify the words)
- a thermometer with an arrow to indicate temperature, a weather box to identify the weather pattern (sunny, rainy, windy...)
- a blank "activities" section that you can either add magnets…

On Flights #25 and #26

So we recently returned from our short jaunty to E-town, the first time we've been back since our Granny's passing last September. It has also been nine months since Little L last flew, and in kid-time, that is an eternity. A lot of growth happens in nine months (e.g. a baby goes from being a newly conceived embryo of cells to a full-term fetus, etc.), so we were well aware that the little girl that we flew with to Maui last fall was not going to be the same girl we'd be doing the return 1.25h flights with. We weren't quite sure what to expect, despite having flown with her dozens of times before.

Well, let me say that it was a cakewalk. Easy peasy, lemon squeezy. A pleasure, even. Here's what worked for us:

- quality kids' headphones with age-appropriate volume limits (we used a Philips brand one)

- a fully charged iPad with preloaded apps, videos, and books that don't need WiFi (we have an Epic books subscription that allows you to mark "favourites&…