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A Simple Prayer

Over our dinner of chow mein noodles, my little girl prayed:

Dear Jesus, please come into my heart, because I need to remember God. Amen.

Unscripted, unrehearsed, unprompted, and from her heart.

Praise the Lord. Amen.

Seagull Hostages

We are currently on semi-lockdown, at least as far as our top balconies and garage entryway are concerned. Whenever we step out onto the landing on either side (we have both east- and west-facing balconies), we are met with the raging shrieks of a protective momma gull and her bird buddies. They proceed to dive-bomb at our heads, talons outstretched and beaks open menacingly, swooping within two feet of our precious scalps. They then circle back and repeat their offensives, sometimes defecating a load onto our roof as warnings of impending attack. Only when we retreat back inside does their aerial assaults cease.

I'm cripplingly afraid of aggressive birds, so this is very freaky to me. Worse yet, Little L *loves* playing on the balcony, and to be denied this experience every time she asks has been very frustrating. Unfortunately, I would much prefer a frustrated child than an injured one. Even Hubbs, who initially thought the swooping gulls overhead was a cool thing, has come to c…

Easing Up - Then vs Now

When Little L entered our lives, things got noticeably harder. It became very challenging for us to do many of the activities that we had grown accustomed to, from sleeping in to going out for dinner to traveling anywhere, be it the park or the aquarium or a friend's house. At the time, we climbed that steep learning curve and wondered if things would ever get easier. Fast forward three and a half years, and the answer is a resounding YES!! (Praise the Lord).

Sleeping in short interrupted bursts of time at all hours of the day
Sleeping upwards of 10 consecutive hours with minimal disruption

Hauling a 30+ pound combination of baby and car seat/carrier from place to place
Little L walks (and occasionally asks to be picked up when Hubbs is around)

Going out to dinner meant one of us ate first, while the other entertained/consoled a fussing infant
We all eat our restaurant food together, and there is a period of 10-20 minutes of dining quietude


Konmari De Rigeur

Have you heard of it? A method of tidying up and organizing made famous by a Japanese cleaning consultant named Marie Kondo, this approach to simplifying and decluttering spaces has folks purging their hoarder homes category by category, and keeping only the possessions that "spark joy" in their lives.

I have friends who swear by this method and have read Kondo's book cover to cover. Their own tidying journeys have been inspiring and I am happy that they have found an approach that fits them.  In all honesty, though, I did not read the book. I only skimmed the free excerpt, where she describes her belief that everything must have a designated place, and details her unsettling routine of talking to (or thanking) her belongings and clothes before putting them away, every day, upon her return from work. It was only a brief glimpse into the book, so I can't determine with any certainty if Kondo really is that uncanny valley, or if she is actually just a normal, extra-tid…

Because... and Other Antics

I've never interacted closely with other young children aside from Little L, so everything I know about 3-year-olds comes from my experiences with her. And I have to say, this stage of development is really amusing. 
For instance, I have heard that littles often ask "Why?" much to parents' annoyance. We haven't yet hit that stage (or maybe we already passed it). Instead, we are at the "because..." stage, where Little L likes to provide an unsolicited explanation for nearly everything, applying her own personal brand of reasoning even when it is absolutely nonsensical. She will literally explain herself as she narrates a story. "Percy [the frog] needs to lie down and be covered up with a blanket...because, he bonked his leg on the cliff!" "If we were anteaters, then we would definitely not want to eat funky ants, because then we'd spit up our germs!" "The
sow bug is gonna go home now, because he needs to rest." "We di…

Killer World

So, wildfires the size of gorgeous Vancouver have been burning for nearly two days (some, for much longer). Apparently lightning and freakish climate conditions (lack of rain, heat wave, wind direction blowing smoke to the coast instead of inland) are to blame. Not only is this annihilating our tree population at a scary fast rate (how many trees fill a 200 square kilometre area?!), but it is also taxing our already-low water reserves to try to put it out. The result of the raging flames has been an intolerable smoke cover that has us seeing a blood-orange sun and amber skies for the entirety of yesterday.

Alas, some of my worst fears (I have many) seem to be coming to pass: 1) global warming is turning our beautiful Pacific North Northwest into a drought-induced desert akin to California, and 2) I can't breathe properly. Yes, we have air quality advisories in place for the area right now, because even with all of my windows closed in the middle of summer, it smells like a fire pi…