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Rainbows for Everyone

Have you heard the news? The Supreme Court has ruled it unconstitutional to prohibit gay marriage, which means that in all of the United States, in every single state, it is absolutely legal for two gay people to be married.

What excellent news! 

However, as a Jesus-loving Christian, I think I may be in the evangelical minority, and perhaps this blog itself will garner a lot of hate and shade from my own social circles owing to my liberal stance. While I understand and agree with the biblical arguments against homosexuality as a sin and marriage as a covenant relationship between a man and a woman (to mirror the covenant relationship between God and His people), I honestly do not see the outrage that so many of my fellow believers are experiencing.

Because... pluralism is a virtue that not only protects those who don't believe in Jesus, but those who do, as well.

Because... the United States has long ceased to be a Bible-loving, Jesus-following, God-fearing nation, so why should…

How Does Your Weed Garden Grow?

I've said it before, and it bears repeating: I cannot keep anything (save for Little L) alive. My history is littered with pet fish corpses, shriveled and/or drowned houseplants, and a few other ill-fated pets (read: chicks).

So good am I at killing living things that I am optimistic that my superpowers will extend to the elimination of the thistles in our front, uneven patio-bricked area. My weapon of choice (besides me)? Boiling hot water. No chemicals, no toxic elements, just plain old H2O. And so far, so good. As I was pouring, you could literally watch the prickly leaves cowering into a cooked pile of inedible greens. Even though I'm not a psychopath, I have to say that it was really really satisfying to watch the weeds wither.

After I let them sit for the night, I went out to pull them out. With gardening gloves. Those prickly little buggers, while dried to a dull crunchy orange, still managed to pierce through my hand armour and give me a good vengeful poke. I decided n…

Our Lives Before A Digital Audience

I am willing to concede that I am old. Not like geriatric old, but old enough to have lived during a time when the Internet didn't exist. During elementary, it was a big deal for me to be able to use a computer; I still remember having to "ground" myself every time I sat down at the Apple IIe. (FYI youngsters, "grounding" was when we would run our fingers along the bottom edge beneath the keyboard to touch the metal screws located on the underside. The purpose was to prevent us from getting a "shock" and probably to prevent the computer from short-circuiting from static electricity). Back then, we saved our computer work on 5 1/4" floppy disks, we used landline phones with rotary dials and easily-knotted twisty cords, and our cameras required real film cartridges that risked exposure and complete ruin every time we wound up the d@mn roll.
My point is this: during the dark ages that were the last decades of the 20th century, digital technology wa…

Dinosaurs, Spiders, Worms and Bugs - This Is What Little Girls Are MadeOf

We have always tried to raise Little L without conforming to gender stereotypes. We've given her equal access to all toys, save for violent ones and Barbies, and we've never associated anything with a particular gender (e.g. blue for boys, pink for girls). We don't dress or accessorize her in frills or ribbons, we don't read her princess books, and we don't say that anything is "just for boys" or "just for girls" (unless you count standing up to pee, in which case we do insist that she sits).

The result is that Little L sometimes prefers things that make me squeamish or that completely baffles my fairly girly mind. For instance, she is drawn to toy dinosaurs and worms and spiders at our local craft store. Often, when she is afforded a toy selection to purchase, she will want to buy some of these little plastic toys instead of a fairy wand or tiara or cute cuddly animal.

When we play "pretend," she likes to imagine that she's a din…

Three Year Old Conversations

Our lives are very different now that we have a preschooler with a fairly good vocabulary and a lot of imagination. As she tries to make sense of her world, sometimes her logic just takes a strange turn into WTF territory. We tried to capture a few of these sometimes funny, sometimes just strange exchanges we have with Little L.

Me: Is it delicious, or what?!
LL: No, it's not what. Me: So is it delicious? LL: No, it's tasty.
***** After she violently throws her toy plane into the bath: Hubbs: Whoa! What happened to your plane? LL: It's a sea plane! 
***** As Hubbs tries to show me some PDA: LL: No! I want to hug Mommy so that Daddy doesn't give her a smooch!
***** Narrating a story to herself soon after she has made a request to see the fountain at Aberdeen Mall:
And then the mini pen said to me, "Oh yes, I would love to go into the fountain!

***** In describing the "hammer" pond, which has been the unfortunate recipient of her pine cone "deposits": And the pon…