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Can I Hover at a Distance?

I've long maintained that "free-range parenting" and all of those let-your-kids-roam-free approaches to child-rearing are contextual. For instance, my friends who live on a giant acreage in a small community can probably afford to let their littles go wild outside without any direct supervision. I'm pretty sure that most people know each other in that community, so it's likely that if something were to go sideways, other people in the neighborhood or town would be able to intervene or assist. That whole "it takes a village" thing? Totally would apply in a situation like theirs.

However, a big city is another context entirely. The fact that a lifetime ago, I used to work with the feds and had direct knowledge of and contact with paroled sex offenders gives me an inherent bias and caution that other parents might not have. There's also the reality that most people in a big city don't know each other, and tend not to intervene in others' affair…