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From the Mouth of This Little Babe....

(We are pretending to be at the beach)
LL: I'm just going to lie down on the sand
Me: Are u getting a sun tan?
LL: No! I'm getting a monkey tan

(As I'm turning off lights)
LL: I want it super off! I wanna turn it off super dark!

(Mid-tantrum about her Curious George doll needing a blanket, I am reminding her to breathe deeply)
LL: I don't wanna breathe!! I want George to get a blanket!

(Little L sneezes, and this is followed by): Oh! I just sneezed tears into my eyes!!

(Little L is recounting the plot from a Bugs Bunny cartoon that she watched with Hubbs)
"... The bunny was going to cook the duck. And then the duck was going to cook the bunny. Then they decided that they were going to cook Elmer because he was a vegetarian."

(After we hand her a juice box)
LL: Not the French side! The English side!
Me: How did you know that was the French side?
LL: Because that's not even English!

(I don't remember what the context of this was,…

Three's a Breeze

Just kidding. It's not.

It's the complete opposite.

Three is a fr*cking roller coaster. Just when you think you're over the "worst part" you discover a new developmental twist that takes you on another set of bumpy tracks. I'm beginning to think that there's no such thing as getting off this ride.

Anyhoo, I love my kid, and when she's fun, she is indescribably awesome. I'm often blown away by her giggles and hilarious stories and the interesting connections that she's making between her learning. She has a fantastic sense of humour and loves to laugh and make us laugh. The way that she plays is fascinating, and we often just sit back and watch her narrate her imaginings or run back and forth across the room conjuring new worlds and scenarios in her mind's eye. We always look forward to having adventures with her because every experience, even ones she has had a million times before, end up feeling brand new to her and to us; she keeps obs…

Strange Bedfellows, or You Ate What?

Watching Little L eat is highly entertaining, for those with strong stomachs. While she isn't a super picky eater, she is not keen on meat or certain mushy textures. Her current favourite foods include noodles, fries, fruit, and many kinds of "dip." She usually shies away from new foods, preferring instead to eat the same few things over and over again. However, she is still fairly adventurous within those parameters, and keeps things interesting by trying innovative, and at times disgusting, new food combinations.

Trust me when I say that some of these, when witnessed live, are a bit tummy-turning:

- bananas and ranch dip
- chow mein noodles and ranch dip
- spaghetti and tomato sauce and ranch dip
- Chex cereal and guacamole (this one is actually pretty tasty)
- sliced strawberries and guacamole
- bacon and vanilla yogurt
- sliced pepperoni "chips" and vanilla yogurt
- tortilla chips and vanilla yogurt
- "veggie sticks" chips and vanilla yogurt …

Aligned and Supported - He's Got My Back

Hubbs and I had dated for 2.5 years before we got married, and our marriage was 6.5 years old when Little L was born. This meant that we had 9 glorious, kid-free years to talk theoretically about having children, and what our dreams and goals and aspirations were for said kids and ourselves. In nearly a decade of talking, however, we had not ever discussed the big decision-points of parenting. Sure, we had long agreed that we were not the type to spank our kids, and I would probably stay at home to raise them until they were in school, but what about sleep training? The introduction of solids? Sleep arrangements? Breastfeeding? Other disciplinary methods? Vaccinations? Schooling choices? We discussed none of these things. In fact, we had no idea that we would ever need to talk about them, and quite frankly, I had approximately 0% understanding that these were even topics.

And then Little L entered our lives, and suddenly it was like a new world opened up. New parenting vocabulary and…

Mid-March Monday Round-Up

I sometimes forget that not everyone who reads this blog is my FB friend. I see a lot of interesting, thought-provoking links on there, and usually share them with my social network. Since you may not have been privy to those links, allow me to share some of these with you here! Little L happened to hit the sack early (8:30!) on Saturday night, so I had a few spare minutes before my bedtime. Of course, it then took me two days to put pictures on this post, but whatevs. Here ya go.

10 Things I Thought Were Caused by Bad Parenting... Before I Had My Own Kids
This totally made me feel better about the "threenager" in our household

Why You Should Stop Giving Your Kid a Bath Every Night
Good news for Little L!

To The Losers Who Haven't Sleep Trained Their Babies
I feel you, Renegade Mommy who wrote this. And I also laughed.

Separation Anxiety: When Saying Good-Bye is Hard
Helpful and enlightening, with some great tips at the end on how to help.

Many Van Kindergarten Parents Scr…

Moving On? The Dreaded 3-Year Mark

Hubbs and I average a home rental duration of approximately 3.5 years. Usually out of necessity, sometime during this time frame we will need to move from our residence. When we lived in E-town, it was our relocation to Van that required us to move. When Little L was two months old, it was the lack of space for all of our newly-acquired baby gear that necessitated a new home.

We are reluctant movers. There are those out there who love discovering new neighborhoods and decorating new spaces. We are not those people. In our current home, we have absolutely everything we need except for extra space and our favorite school to be nearby. We have dentists, optometrists, pharmacists, banks, Starbucks, a florist, and a prime proximity to the train line and aquabus system. We have an abundance of playgrounds and parks, not to mention the seawall and easy access to downtown attractions like Science World and the aquarium. Whole Foods is a short drive away, and other organic grocers are literal…

Dangerously Impressionable

As you may already know, we have chosen not to spank Little L. While we do believe in the importance of discipline, we have oft maintained that corporal punishment is simply not the best and most effective way for us to "train up a child in the way that (s)he should go."

Anyway, while watching Pingu (a claymation penguin) on Netflix, we (Little L, Hubbs and I) came across an episode where Pingu refuses to eat dinner, launches food at his mom, and rocks in his chair, which results in the family dinner being splattered all over the floor. His mom gets justifiably angry with him and spanks him. Then, when he turns to his dad for comfort in the form of a hug, his dad denies it because Pingu had misbehaved. The little penguin is so distraught that he runs away from home. What eventually happens is that he is gone a long time, and his parents get worried and go out looking for him. When they find him (hiding inside a little hole in the ice), they are so relieved and feel so badly …