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39 is the Same As 29

Yes, folks, it is official. I am 39 years young today. 39!! That's only one away from 40, in case you hadn't noticed.

I don't feel 39. I hope I don't look 39. And sometimes, when I am thinking about others who are celebrating 39, I consider them to be kind of old. To be fair, sometimes I also think that 39 is young (e.g. too young to be a grandmother, or too young for an actress to play a convincing 50-year-old).

I'm not sure how I am supposed to feel at this age. When my mother was my age, she had already birthed out four children, two of whom were in junior high. I have a 3 year old. Most of my friends who have children of similar age are about a decade younger than I am, but I don't feel any older than they are. And yet, while I'm still "in the know" about some pop culture things (I mean, I read Lainey!), I am pretty much a dinosaur in my musical tastes, and would be hard-pressed to identify any pop singer in a police line-up even if my life …

Be Nice! - The Battle Cry of the Beleaguered Spouse

I think I had mentioned that Hubbs and I are in the process of renewal in our marriage. We are celebrating a decade of matrimony this summer. A decade!! And while we did receive feedback just a few years ago that we still looked like honeymooners (really?), the reality is that the journey was not, and is not, easy all the time. Sometimes it is hard and miserable, full of sin and selfishness and resentment and hurt. Sometimes one of us would rather sleep on the roof (Prov. 21:9).

But God, in His faithfulness, has held us together through those ugly moments. And might I add that when you have a baby who hates to sleep, those moments are more frequent than anyone cares to admit. The stress of caring for new life, coupled with days and weeks of accumulated sleep deprivation, really brings out the worst in us.

Three years later, we have finally found some breathing space in our parenting, and the neglected and back-burner parts of our lives can be tended to once again. Our relationship is …

Giving Up - My Lenten Challenge

Today is the first day of Lent, and for the next several weeks we are preparing our hearts to celebrate Christ's sacrifice and victory at the cross.

In past years I've given up certain indulgences, or sought to have a more thankful focus for 40 days. This year, I'm giving up, and giving away, my crap. 
I've decided to declutter our home, one area at a time, for 40 days. Coincidentally, I had already started doing  this, on a less aggressive schedule, over the past month. I've cleaned Hubbs' office, culled Little L's wardrobe (as well as my own), and reorganized the front entry closet. 

Now I'm committed to doing the cull and sort more aggressively and ruthlessly around all of our home. My plan is to donate and give away anything of value or use, and wait for our building's spring "amnesty" day to toss out the unlovable items. I am hoping to be able to take donation bags to a drop-off on a weekly basis, but that will depend on what our hous…

Food Hack - "Guacamole"

Little L hates meat (except bacon) and loves guacamole. All dips, really, but especially guacamole. And while Whole Foods makes a really yummy one, it's expensive and turns brown the moment it is opened.

Thanks to Mitzi for suggesting hemp hearts as a protein source! I decided to turn this:

into this:

And she's none the wiser, but getting protein as she enjoys her dip.
And all I used were hemp hearts, sea salt, and half a ripe avocado!

The Year of Renewal

Earlier in January I asked Hubbs if he had a word to define or describe the year ahead. We have had a year of change, a year of goodness, a year of hope ... And while not every year has been marked with a specific word, I wondered if he felt like there was one that was on his heart for 2015. Some years I have felt the weight of a divinely-inspired word laid heavy on my spirit and running like a through-line from January to December, but I hadn't had any particular word or phrase come to mind yet. Anticipation, perhaps? Joy? It felt like I was reaching for a word rather than being given one from the Lord.
So I asked him to pray and think about it. And then I promptly forgot we ever had that conversation.
Well, just the other day he turned to me randomly and said, "Renewal. There, that's your word." After some probing on my part, I learned that it was the word that he had felt on his heart, that he concluded was from God. I began mulling on it; was this his word, or o…

Awesome Dreams?

Often at bedtime, we say to Little L, "Have a good sleep and have awesome dreams."

Well, we think she may have had one, because for the last two weeks she has been referring to something that doesn't exist in reality and that we have never discussed with her, ever. This leads us to conclude that it was a dream that she had, that she can only recall bits and pieces of.

She has never described the middle part of the dream with any regularity, but this is the conclusion:

"...the fox said, "Stand! Stand! Stand" and that was the end of Curious George. That's from Curious George's Big Brother Gets a Strawberry."

I have no idea. When I've asked if she had read it somewhere or watched it, she consistently says no. When I ask if she dreamed it in her imagination or a dream, she always affirms it.

LOL. Whatever this dream was about, it has got her talking about it regularly, so I suspect she highly enjoyed the story.