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In 2015 - A Horoscope of Sorts

Back in my pre-baby and pre-Van days, I remember writing a blog post (on my old blog) to ring in the new year. In it, I included my personal "horoscope" for the year. It was an optimistic time; Hubbs' career was on an upswing and I was wrapping up my B.Ed. after-degree and looking forward to working again. We had only been married a scant year and a half, and were feeling invincible and ready to face our future head-on. Everyone in our respective families were healthy and happy, and life was good. It was easy to praise God because we saw His goodness so readily in every aspect of our lives.

As I look back on 2014, I can still see God's goodness, but it is like a hidden treasure that needs to be uncovered from the rubble. This past year I buried my daddy, and Hubbs buried his granny. My sister's marriage became irreparably broken, and Hubbs left the job that was his security for the past 8 years. These were all life-altering events that left us sifting through a m…

It's a Potty Life for Me

Well, we did it. We said on Little L's application for preschool that we would have her potty-trained by her third birthday (coming up in February), and Nanny Miss Bee and I accomplished it!

Now I realize that at 33 months, Little L is probably a little late to the potty-training world, since I have heard of little girls (including myself) who mastered the art of peeing in a pot shortly after age 2. The range of "normal" usually falls somewhere between 2-3 years of age. Some of the literature I've read has suggested waiting a bit longer before attempting, because developmentally immature bodies that are potty-trained too early can develop toilet issues down the road. Others have suggested that training after 32 months has detrimental results, too.

So basically, there's really no "right" or "wrong," and as a parent, we have to just read our kids and find a time that is right for them. In Little L's case, the readiness signs had been increa…

In My Bathroom...

Not my typical ranting or reviewing kind of post, but just a list of some of my favourite new cosmetic and bath products. I recently subscribed to ipsy, a monthly curated cosmetics goodie bag, so some of my discoveries have been from these samples. Others I've just come across by random fluke.

Everyone Soap for Kids - Little L and I both use this for our bubble baths and for my hair and body wash. It's everything-free when it comes to toxic ingredients, it's inexpensive, and my hair comes out clean and residue-free (per my stylist). Plus it smells lovely!
Stila Stay All Day Liquid Eyeliner - it's my first ever liquid eyeliner and it goes on dark. It does take a minute to dry but makes a great cat-eye and doesn't smudge that much once it is on. It's probably full of toxic ingredients but so far I haven't had any allergic reactions :)
Geisha Ink Liquid Brow Liner - for a more natural brow, I've been trying out this liquid liner. It's not very dark but…

Showdown with a Sociopath, or Just a Day at the Public Library

(Scene: City's largest public library, on a quiet rainy weekday afternoon. Little L and I are just about the enter the toddler play area, where another woman and her son are already playing. The woman is also on her smartphone while her boy is body-slamming himself into the mats)

Little L enters the play space.

Boy runs up until he is literally inches from her face, and yells his name very loudly and exuberantly. Surprisingly, this does not cause a major meltdown from her, but she ignores him.

Little L begins to move a chair so that she can play with it.

The moment she lets go and turns around to figure out where to move it, the boy runs up and snatches the chair away.

I coax Little L to find another chair, because my girl is just about to experience some big feelings.

Little L notices the foam cubes and decides she is going to build a tall tower instead. She crouches on the floor and begins to stack two cubes, one on top of the other.

The moment she turns to grab a third cube, th…

How We Do CHRISTmas

After reading First Time Mom and Dad's post I wanted to write about how we're trying to teach Little L about the true meaning of Christmas. This is the dilemma that I suspect many parents face, and we're all just sort of figuring it out as we go along.

For us, I am thankful that up to this point we have been able to shield her from the commercials and ads that dictate what a kid "needs" at Christmas time, so Little L has no preferences or wish list for gifts. This makes buying her something a truly fun and easy process (unless you're an auntie or uncle or Nana, in which case maybe it makes things harder). It has helped to reduce the focus of the holidays on "things" because I genuinely don't believe that Little L expects *any* gifts on the 25th. Weird and wonderful, this ignorance is.

We have also chosen not to pretend that Santa is "real," opting instead to introduce her to the historical Saint Nicholas. I know that this is not a pop…