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An Event Advent

Little L is obsessed with the "Snowflake Day" from Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood. In this PC, Christmas-free holiday special, the children of the neighborhood put on a school play for "Snowflake Day." The little girl in the play is granted three wishes by a fairy, and she asks for three presents. When she discovers that her newly-acquired gifts cannot play with her, tell her a joke or give her a hug, she cries into her pillow out of sadness. The fairy returns and magically transforms her presents into friends, and then they end the play singing, "Friends make the best presents..."

Anyway, the reminder I had from this oft-watched episode is that what is meaningful to children is our time spent with them, and not the things that we buy them. Sure, presents are fun, but Christmas can quickly become excessive and expensive, and sometimes I wonder if we don't put too much pressure on ourselves to "outdo" the previous year's material overlo…

Oh the Inhumanity of It All - A Rant on Naps

My little night owl follows the principle of, "Late to bed, late to rise." I am sure it is genetic but I won't point any fingers to protect the guilty.

Anyway, she has been trying to drop her nap for a while now, and with increasing frequency in the past two months. In any given week, I'd say she is napping 40% of the time. 
But this process of nap elimination can be a cruel ordeal for all involved. For parents, no nap means that your cute and entertaining tot turns into a temperamental gremlin in the late afternoon. Also, this change in disposition just happens to occur when you hit your mid-day wall and need a nap yourself. It's not a coincidence that this is also when you debate (and end up having) that second or third coffee.

However, a nap occurrence (that usually happens in the late afternoon) might bring you and your tot rest and a break from each other, but it also brings postponed misery; it pushes bedtime to some ugly hour in the night. What to do with …

It Is Time

Time to wean my 33-month old, that is. And not necessarily a complete and immediate full-stop on breastfeeding, but a gradual reduction from what it currently is. Now, before you think I'm still nursing every 3-4 hours, I'm not. Not even close.

What does breastfeeding an almost-3-year-old look like here? On a regular day:
- A cuddle/nursing session when she wakes up
- One 2-minute quickie in the afternoon if she's feeling "off"
- Nursing down for a nap (if it happens, which is only like 40% of the time now)
- A couple of false-start nursing sessions when she is supposed to be going to bed (not every night)
- A mid-sleep nursing session

However, I'm kind of reaching that point when I want to reclaim my breasts. I think she's ready-ish.

To prep Little L, I started reading her Nursies When the Sun Shines. Since it features a toddler with crazy sleep hair like hers, it was an instant hit. Also, there is only one kid in the story, much like our situation. She…

Are They Impressed Yet?

You know how you sometimes start thinking about one thing, which leads to another, and then another? I was originally thinking about decorating our home for Christmas. That led to thoughts about one day buying a home that I could decorate, which led to contemplation on big beautiful homes in general ... and then it dawned on me.

I'm slow, so forgive me if you've already figured this out. While most of us probably do like living in a clean, organized, aesthetically-appealing home with matching decor, I realized that when we strive so hard to make our abodes look magazine-worthy, we do so to impress others. Not necessarily family "others," but our friends and colleagues and neighbors and acquaintances. I mean, my Hubbs and Little L could care less about the colour of the rug and whether or not the book baskets match the drapes, even though this is the space they live in 24x7. So why do I care? My comfort and convenience may be enhanced by having modern appliances, but…