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Gone with the FLLO - Traveling with the Clek FLLO

In previous posts, I've already detailed the awesomeness of Clek's FLLO seat, so no need for redundancy here. The true test of its greatness lies in how well it travels, since it is meant to be a "compact" and more portable version of the gargantuan FOONF.

Now, to be clear, we purchased a Clek WEELEE bag to transport our car seat on our flight to and from Maui, *and* we checked our car seat with our airline, which I know is a big CPS Tech no-no. They argue that any car seat that has been checked is as good as crashed, because the potential rough handling of the seat by the carrier compromises its integrity and could damage it internally. My experience (now that I've done it) is this:

a) The Weelee bag is very well padded and sturdy. Once I had the seat properly placed inside the bag, I felt that it was as good as any seat in a styrofoam-packaged box. The bonus, of course, is that unlike a box, the Weelee has a telescopic handle and deeply-grooved, rugged wheels, …

Descriptive, Not Prescriptive

As usual, I was scanning through my feed, pausing to read articles that caught my interest. Two articles stuck out to me. The first, from my dear friend April of First Time Mom and Dad, mused about trying to keep life "innocent" for her little boy by protecting him from the harsh ugly things in the world. The second was a momma blogger / former teacher who was detailing her bedtime routine for her littles.

While both articles enticed me to read them, I ended up deleting the latter from my feed entirely. Why?
Descriptive vs prescriptive. 
You see, there is always a purpose for writing. With an awareness of one's audience, the author seeks to persuade, describe, inform, entertain, solicit information, something. Any blog post has an agenda, even if its only aim is to get you to giggle over your morning coffee. 
The older I get, the more selective I am about what I read. While I can appreciate an odd prescriptive post here and there, my tastes run decidedly descriptive. I am i…

Three Weeks Silent

For the handful of you who like to read this blog and wondered if I had dropped off the face of the earth, the answer is.... sort of. I dropped off the Blogosphere to enjoy the sunshine in Maui. Our return was delayed by three days so that we could avoid any of the turbulence and stormy effects of Hurricane Ana / Tropical Storm Ana, who just happened to visit the islands on the tail end of our trip.

The good news is: everyone is safe, and we got a chance to squeeze three extra days of R & R in Maui. The bad news: jet lag, and now that we are back, we have suitcases yet to unpack. That said, I promised a Clek Fllo travel blog post, and you're going to get one from me. Soon.

Until then, I have to catch up on my zzzz's and a crapload of other stuff that I missed while I put my life on hold to hula and sip lava flows ;)