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Gimme Face - A Cloud Vitamin A Cream Review

I'm fairly picky about facial creams. I don't like when it's too tacky, too thick, too runny, too stinky, hard to spread, and hard to apply make-up on top of. So, when Cloud approached me to review their Vitamin A cream, I was skeptical. Was it an anti-aging cream, a sunscreen, or a corrector? The literature seemed to suggest that it was this miracle do-all cream, and let's face it, I don't know of too many creams that can actually live up to that kind of hype.

Well, it has been a week. Let's see what I've noticed so far:

The Good
- It's fragrance free, paraben free, preservative free, fragrance free and doesn't test on animals.
- SPF 23, plus the active ingredient (retinyl palmitate) is a naturally-occurring Vitamin A that acts as a barrier between your skin and the environment's damaging toxins (93% of the sun's harmful rays, smoke, pollution)
- It feels like your skin is "plumped up" after you've applied it - the way a faci…

The Benefit of Teacher Friends

Because I am a teacher, I know lots of teachers and count many as friends. Although I cherish all of my friends of various professions equally, there are unique and awesome qualities in my teaching friends that I really appreciate - their expertise and knowledge of kids, and their ability to give me professional (and objective) feedback concerning my own tot.

Whereas most friends only have the frame of reference of their own kids (or no reference at all), teacher friends have had the experience of working with and educating hundreds of kids, usually in 8-hour blocks of time every day over the course of a year at a time. These are specialists in pedagogy, well-versed in human behaviour and experts on the science of child development. Though they may not know everything there is to know about about kids of all ages, they do know a great deal about kids at a specific age. I, for example, know a lot about 9-10 year olds and 13-15 year olds. My "K" friends are experts in kindermun…

My First Venture into Cosmetic Surgery

...and I'm not getting a tummy tuck (although that's what I would ideally want, lipo notwithstanding). I'm seeing a cosmetic dermatologist to remove unsightly tumours beneath my eyes. I'm told they are syringoma. Apparently I have sweaty under eye skin.

Anyway, I've been trying out this amazing Vitamin A cream with a rather crappy name (it's called Cloud) that I'm going to review soon, and it has been making my unsightly bumps look a little less bumpy. However, no cream in the world will get rid of them. Trust me, I've tried. I've even gone to multiple estheticians for various kinds of lasers and extractions to rid me of these grotesque formations. Sadly, the only "cure" is for a dermatologist to cut them out in a cosmetic surgical procedure.

My appointment is Friday. My long weekend will be spent hiding behind gigantic dark sunglasses, because the scabs that will form following the removal may not be pretty. In fact, I might be downright…

Closing the Door on 4

Both cribs have found new homes (albeit possibly temporarily). The baby clothes, with the exception of a few "keepers," have been given away. The pack-and-play was tossed (stained with poo and frankly, a rather sh*tty playyard to begin with). The Orbit infant travel system, and recently our Babybjorn Travel Crib, have been sold on Craigslist. Other baby items, like nursing pillows and electric pumps, await donation or sale or being loaned out to needy friends.

We are officially closing our doors to the possibility of a fourth member of the Loquacious clan, and barring an "oopsie" blessing that would truly be an act of God, we are complete at 3. The only step left to take is an outpatient snippity-snip for Hubbs, and then we can finish that chapter of our lives entirely.

I thought I would be more torn about this decision, since I originally wanted to have two little people in my life. I suppose that if God were to intervene with a miracle and give us another, I wou…

Going with the FLLO - First Impressions

Look what arrived!! **insert happy dance**

I am proud to say that when UPS brought up the package, I was able to lift the box without killing myself; I even moved the FLLO fairly easily from the living room to Little L's bedroom, which goes to show that the FLLO is indeed significantly lighter than the FOONF (28 pounds with bar, 25 without vs. 38 pounds).Hubbs, being a mastadon of a man and much stronger than "soft arms" moi, would definitely have no issue carting this seat down to the car.

I have spent the last 30 minutes doing some set up of the chair and getting acquainted with it.

I'm glad to report that the seat part doesn't seem to be all that different from the FOONF seat, which has been lauded for being a solid, hefty "Cadillac" of carseats. The metal substructure of the FLLO is reminiscent of the FOONF's, complete with the metal bars that run up and down the back of the seat. This is great news, because part of the reason why these seats a…

My Tooth-brushing "Song"

I'm by no means a musician, and even describing me as "musical" is a bit of a stretch. That said, I love to sing, and I do believe that songs are powerful tools for teaching toddlers "stuff." When Little L started to brush her teeth, I decided to co-opt the melody from Row, Row, Row Your Boat to make up my own little tooth-brushing song to encourage her to do more than just eat the non-fluoridated toothpaste off her brush. Today, as we brushed after breakfast, I caught myself singing it unintentionally! Here are my lyrics:

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them every day
Brush them left, brush them right
Brush the germs away

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them up and down
Brush them left, brush them right,
Brush them all around

Brush, brush, brush your teeth
Brush them front and back
Brush them up, brush them down
Brush off all the plaque!

It takes a good minute to sing all three verses if you do it slowly, so it definitely helps with the "brush for two minu…

Social Misfit

Little L has many strengths. She is a bright and highly verbal little thing, and her vocabulary is fairly advanced (eg. The other day when I told her to drink some water, she told me that, "I have to stay hydrated"). She frequently uses 8+ word sentences and can recite/"read" full books, including Seuss's "What Was I Scared Of?" She is attentive and observant, quick to learn and assimilate new information, and she knows all of her alphabet (upper and lower), numerical digits, and shapes and colours (both in English and Cantonese). So yeah, she is pretty advanced for her age.

However, one area that she is really struggling with is social play. While she is totally fine doing parallel play at Sunday School or the playground or even Science World, the moment another child gets in her "space" or tries to use the same equipment that she is using, she freaks out. As in, major tears and clinging and requests to either go home or "I want the o…

Summer Delinquent, Losing the Nap, and Finding a New Job

It's hot outside. Sunny, beautiful - and perfect for little girls to go splashing in the water or running in the grass barefoot. I've been less frequent in my blogging because I've been slowly roasting myself to a golden crisp in the scorching sun.

Anyway, call me a summer delinquent. I should be contributing more frequently once the weather cools, or I have something amazing to say (and my brain hasn't been fried by all of that Vitamin D overload).

In the meantime, let me just say that one of the things that alarm me most about Little L turning 2.5 is her recent nap schedule...or lack thereof. Seriously, peeps, she has been napping only once every 3-4 days. While this makes for a slightly more human bedtime (think 10:00pm-ish), I lose out on that much-needed mid-day break. Plus, a toddler who is fighting her nap is not a pleasant creature to entertain. Her fuse gets shorter, her emotions run higher, and whining wails fill the air. Particularly on days when I haven…