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When Momma Gets Sick....Or, A Yucky Weekend Tale

... it's bad.

Over the weekend, Little L puked in that projectile-violent-liquid-germ-warfare kind of way. It was enough to warrant bedding changes, hot water laundry loads, and Hubbs and I staying up nearly all night in a watchful state for recurrences. Thankfully, there wasn't a repeat performance, at least not that night. Following her first episode, we decided to put her on the breastmilk and BRAT diet, which worked so well that we deluded ourselves into thinking that she could enjoy a bit of an ice cream sandwich at dinner time.


Her entire stomach contents soon revisited us, and now we are in the market for a new bedroom rug.

Following her violent upchuck, she slept fine and has been on a remarkably speedy road to recovery. Granted, I am still limiting her to fish crackers and bananas and rice, but as of this afternoon she has been able to keep down that delicious chocolate milk she enjoyed at breakfast time.

I, however, apparently belong to the "go big or go …

Clek FLLO (It's Like FOONF but Not) - A Preview

Remember how I needed a lighter car seat for our Maui trip in Oct.? And how Little L is a picky girl who loves her FOONF and seems to hate most other car seats? And then that whole gate-vs.-regular-check-vs.-carry-on business?

I love you CLEK. It's like you read this blog.

Just today, my fave Canadian car seat company announced that they are going to be launching a compact convertible car seat called the FLLO (you can read the media brochure here). Some are calling it FOONF-lite, or the "lower" version of the FOONF. I call it the answer to my prayers.

Weighing in at 25ish pounds, it's not a featherweight by any stretch. However, it is still 13 pounds less than the FOONF in RF, which makes it a definite competitor to the other higher-end convertible car seats out there. In my mind, it's already better because CLEK is Canadian! 

I haven't been able to get a lot of details yet, and the seat isn't scheduled to be in stores until August at the earliest, but I&#…