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Tricky Toilet Training

Little L is still in the throes of potty-training, and it's mostly a process of two steps forward, one step back. For the most part, she is pretty good about identifying when she needs to "make a brown poop," but sometimes she won't want to use the big or the little potty, opting instead to retreat to a small private space in our living room or beneath the clothes hanging on a rack in a department store. She is good about not pooping in the bath (and has told me that she needed to use the potty before every bath-time poop, PTL). However, her on-potty ratio to off-potty ratio is probably only 1:2, and her pull-ups are often still a bit wet.

Anyway, when she actually asks to sit on the potty, how can I refuse? Whether it's for poop or pee, I'm just happy that she wants to do her business in the proper place. While she's sitting and waiting for the happy event, I also allow her to play on her iPad. It gives me a little break, it keeps her entertained, and le…

Not Nice

I'm actively trying to purge the word "nice" from my vocabulary, because I do not want to teach Little L that adjective as a compliment, nor do I wish to raise her to be a "nice little girl." Let me repeat that: I don't want Little L to be nice.

I want her to be passionate - about Jesus and truth and learning and the precious life she has been given to live.
I want her to be brave - speaking out against that which is wrong or untrue or unjust.
I want her to be compassionate - weeping with those who weep and keeping her heart soft.
I don't want her to be nice.
I want her to be generous - lavishing her time and resources on others who truly need it.
I want her to be polite - showing respect for others because they bear His image.
I want her to be critical - and consider things from multiple perspectives and biases before drawing her own conclusions.
I don't want her to be nice.
I want her to be hard-working - making the most of her resources and skil…

Flying Free or Burdened with the Beast? A Dilemma

We love our Clek Foonf. Like, really really love it. So much so that we own two of them. Some of our favourite features are the ease of installation, the safety, the comfort (Little L falls asleep in it all the time!), and the high profile.

However, we do not love its heavy weight (38 lbs in RF mode with the attachment, 33 lbs in FF), nor do we love the idea of bringing it on a 6-hour flight to Maui. Lugging the Foonf and our carry-on and Little L and her umbrella stroller would be too painful to do. That's a lot of stuff.

Checking our Foonf (or any carseat, for that matter) is not an option because most checked car seats are considered "as good as crashed" to safety techs, because of the airline's lack of care when handling them in the cargo area. We cannot risk our beloved chair being damaged.

However, it's debatable if the Foonf would even fit on an airplane; because it does have this wonderfully-high profile, the Foonf is a major beast to install on a narrow…

Put Together, Or How I am a Hot Mess

I don't know how they do it. There are some gorgeous mommas out there who are always completely made-up, wear matching accessories, and sport the cutest still-in-season outfits. This, despite having multiple kids, or having a very young baby at home, or having a busy job and no nanny.

I'm not even sure how to keep my clothes clean.

And truth be told, I can't think of too many times in the past month when I've worn something that wasn't a) leggings, b) made of a jersey/stretchy cotton-blend material, c) button-free, d) nursing-friendly. My gorgeous Stella & Dot accessories only see the light of day on date nights, which are infrequent at best. All of my make-up has pretty much expired from lack of use (with all but my eyeliner and mascara pre-dating Little L). And even shoes -  the last several pairs I've purchased have all been for comfort rather than aesthetics.

Welcome to my hot mess.

Is it because I'm an attachment-style parent? Because I didn't …

Like the White Rabbit

We are always late, or needing to postpone or reschedule or push back or depart early from, social engagements. We are very sorry for this, because our friends' time is also valuable and we want to be respectful (which is why we do try to give as much notice as possible).

However, we have a toddler (formerly an infant) who is a terrible sleeper, and until someone else has had the experience of raising a terrible sleeper, I don't suppose that sounds like a very legit reason for bailing or delaying. Once you have a sleeper like ours, though, I think you would understand. 
It takes me 2 hours to help her wind down enough to sleep at night (and this is with a routine). She fights her naps, and prefers nursing or the lull of motion to get her to the point of slumber. Otherwise, she might keep fighting and fighting until she crashes at the dinner table.

Her bedtimes are only somewhat predictable, and are hugely dependent on her nap times. She is a night owl, and has the most energy …