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The Participation Award, or Please Vote for Me

When I was in elementary school, every year we had some sort of "Canada Fitness" testing week. If memory serves, we were supposed to do our best on a series of track-and-field exercises and our teachers would see how we ranked against each other and more importantly, against some national standard of fitness.

Now, to give you some context, I come from humble immigrant beginnings. My parents worked two jobs (sometimes three) to support the four of us. They didn't have time or resources to enroll us in gymnastics or soccer or even take us to the playground every day. They did what they could, and we counted ourselves blessed to be able to take one set of "lessons" (mine was piano, while my sisters both chose ballet) growing up. Since they weren't always available to play catch with us (nor were they particularly athletically-inclined themselves, having grown up poor in China in the aftermath of WWII), we spent a lot of our free time in creative play indoors,…

Grief in the Shower, Or A Rambling Mess Of A Post About My Dad

Everyone thought I'd lose it at the viewing. I didn't. Then everyone thought I'd get a case of the ugly cries at the funeral, maybe during my delivery of the eulogy. Aside from my voice breaking a teensy bit at the end, I held my composure at that point, too.

So I guess it's bound to happen sometime, right? For me, it's the shower. In the privacy of a cozy bathroom, left to my thoughts uninterrupted by toddler demands, I grieve. I mourn the loss of his delicious shrimp har gow and cha siu. I miss his chuckle and the way that he he would shake his head in mock disapproval at something I said or did. I miss hearing him call my name with his gruff voice. Heck, I even miss his socks with sandals.

Today, when the cool cross-breeze blew through my daughter's bedroom window, I drank deeply the scent of budding summer. In my mind's eye, I was transported back to the shaggy burnt red carpet of our family room, where many of my summer days were spent lounging in the…

Pointing Fingers, Or The Time I Got a Nominated For Something

Was it you? Or you?

Somebody nominated me surreptitiously, and I'm looking for answers. Vancouver Mom just emailed, and I am one of 30 local blogging ladies in contention for a big prize! Plus I've been invited to an event that has swag (and you know I'm a swag hag)! *swoon* Free food and a goodie bag. I am so there.
So it appears that my blog is going to go public! While that may seem painfully obvious to you already (since the internet is as public as you get, and digital footprints last for forever), I have always assumed that my readership consists of my Hubbs, my sis and sis-in-law, a handful of real-life friends, and 10 people from the blogging mommy world (3 of whom probably hate-read my drivel). My mom doesn't even frequent this space, so it's not like I was expecting to need to write my bio and be featured somewhere, on a site that is actually read by the masses! 

Now, you know that I have never been about the numbers and the accolades of blogging. This has…