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Hopscotch Kids Nail Polish - A Review

I(This is not a sponsored post. However, if Hopscotch Kids wants to send some love my way, I'm not going to refuse!) 

My Little L is a girly-girl through and through, and even though she will wear her Daddy's fedora from time to time, she also likes mirrors, frilly tutus, and looking pretty. She even has feminine mannerisms in the way that she poses, walks, and eats.

Little wonder, then, that she also likes having pretty coloured toes like her Momma and her Miss Bee. The issue, of course, is that most nail polishes (even the 3-Free and 5-Free stuff) contain a crap ton of chemicals that we simply don't know to be safe for littles (or for grown-ups, even).

Well, thank goodness for Hopscotch Kids! Their nail polish is non-toxic, kid-friendly, and water-based. Best of all, it doesn't stink, it lasts, and the colours are vibrant, sparkly and gorgeous! I've tried other non-toxic polishes in the past, and a lot of times their formulations caused them to peel off like a s…

One and Done?

? indeed. Now that Little L is two, that intruding little inquiry is incessant, coming at me from all directions (and even niggling at me from the back of my own d@mn mind). You know the one: "So....when are you having #2?" and various iterations of the same nosey question - some more subtle, and others more blunt.

The truthful response is, "It's none of your f*#<!@& business, thankyouverymuch."

The other, equally truthful response is, "I don't know."

Because legitimately, I don't. Our fertility challenges notwithstanding, we simply aren't sure if we want to have a second child.

There are a billion selfish reasons to not have another, and just as many selfish reasons to have more. Likewise, everyone seems to have an opinion as to how Little L will fare if she does not end up having siblings; most are biased against her being an only child, but a few rave about the awesomeness of only having one. It depends on who you talk to, what…

Bad Dream!

It is 6:15am. Little L had a late bedtime, in part because Daddy came home from his business trip and she was excited.  Anyway, after more than 6 hours of "uninterrupted" sleep, she partially roused to nurse. I complied, having been woken up by her rolling her not-so-wee toddler body over top of me in search of the other boob.

After a few minutes, she unlatched and rolled the other way to sleep again. 
Well, just a few minutes later, she started crying in her sleep. It was a desperate and frantic wail, and she was also sobbing, "I want nye-nye! Mommy!! Have nye-nye! I can't..." and other similar phrases. I quickly returned to nursing her while her entire frame shook from the crying. Uttering soothing and reassuring words, I stroked her hair and held her tight. She never did really wake up fully, not even when her Daddy talked to her to see how she was doing. It took another several minutes to settle her back down (and stop the sob-breathing), and now she is sl…

Shifting Gears

It has been lurking in the back of my mind for a while now - this tension between public and private, consumable and confidential. When I started this blog, it was a way to chronicle my thoughts, experiences, discoveries (and opinions!) as a newbie momma. I was holed up at home and needed an outlet. My family and friends were a bazillion miles away and wanted to find out about my new bundle of joy. As I navigated unfamiliar parental territory, it just seemed like a perfect channel to work through my own ideas while keeping everyone in the loop.

However, a few things have changed since two years ago. One: Little L is getting older and more aware, and is starting to really let her personality shine through as she emerges as her own little person. While this makes for some very fun anecdotes, I recognize that she never volunteered to be my blogging muse. Since the internet is "forever," and what's put up can never really be removed, I want to be more careful and intentional…