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52 Weeks #3 - Baking and Giving

I have the most lovely neighbours ever. They are quiet and kind and often bless us with surprises outside our door on special occasions and for no reason at all.

Such was the case on Wednesday. The neighbour lady had run into Little L and Miss Bee when they were all walking along the seawall. Later that night, a purple-tissue-wrapped box was waiting outside our door. 
In it was a mini cupcake baking kit, complete with sprinkles and a child-sized wooden spoon. As "luck" would have it, this was one of Little L's random late-nap days, so I was tasked with keeping an alert toddler entertained at 10:00pm at night. Perfect! We would make cupcakes to keep me awake and keep Little L occupied! 
I did all of the measuring and oven stuff. Little L poured contents into the bowl, held the eggs, mixed the batter (with my help of course), and lined the baking trays with cupcake liners. She also taste-tested batter and licked spoons.

When the cupcakes were ready (baked *and* cooled, which…

52 Weeks #2 - A Trip to the Library

I'm sure that it might surprise you to know that Little L has only been to the library three or four times in her two years of life, which is pretty infrequently given that I'm a total bibliophile and so is Hubbs. You are also probably a little surprised that going to the library would constitute an "event" or "activity" worth highlighting, given that it seems like such a regular thing to do for little kids.

Allow me to give you the back story:

The first time we went was when she was really little, and I think we were looking for a book for Hubbs. We took the Orbit stroller with us, and it was a nice little family outing that didn't require us to stay and linger at the library. We sort of walked in, looked quickly for whatever it was we were seeking, and when we couldn't find it, we walked out. At the time, Little L would have been too young to know what was happening, much less enjoy it.

The second time was an attempt to join the free and open-to-t…

52 Weeks

I'm doing 52-weeks of childhood activities/events to try to be more present and intentional about making meaningful experiences for Little L. Some weeks, I will do some front-loading with books and videos beforehand, so that Little L knows what to expect, gets excited about the activity, and isn't overwhelmed by the experience. Other weeks, I will just sort of wing it and live spontaneously in the moment. I will try to document these occasions with pics, but depending in the nature of the activity, no guarantees that I can whip out the ol' iPhone to snap a pic!

Today it was raining, so we decided to go splashing and hopping in the puddles. We pretended to be frogs (ribbit, ribbit) a la Daniel Tiger, and Little L examined how her boots looked as they immersed in the puddles. She also spent time stepping on (and smooshing) peanut shells she found in one puddle. When she got tired and needed to be picked up, we examined the buds blooming on the trees. I think these were cherr…

That Didn't Take Long...

... And here come the rebuttals to that HuffPo anti-tech piece. I found these perspectives really resonated with me, moreso than the one that said I was being a horrible mom for letting Little L use her iPad Mini (not that it really affected me that way; I am not one to live with regrets).

The Outmanned Mommy's response

The Genius in Children's response

And HuffPo also published a rebuttal


CARES for Travel - A Review

...and by CARES, I'm actually talking about CARES, the FAA-approved safety harness for little tots (like Little L) to use when flying the friendly skies without a car seat. We aren't big fans of lugging our huge Foonf on board, but since our tot is now older than 2, she requires her own seat and must be properly secured for take off, landing, and whenever the pilot turns on that d@mn seatbelt light.

Anyway, the CARES harness works by adding an additional strap to their chest, and also works in tandem with existing lap belts on the seat. The set up takes approximately a minute, and usually airlines let us pre-board because Little L is still young. This usually gives us enough lead time to install the thing before the plane fills up.

We've owned our harness for a year, but it wasn't until this past February when Little L was actually old enough to use it. On our return flight from Edmonton (a little over an hour in length, plus boarding and deplaning time), Little L sat …


Yesterday was one month. My Daddy's departure from this world is still something I am coming to terms with, and some days it feels new and raw and profoundly sad, while other days, I don't even register the reality or remember. It's a strange new version of life that I'm getting used to, and while I am mostly okay, there are brief moments when the pangs of grief are intense and overwhelming.

But one thing I've noticed is that, as I mourn, I find myself uninspired to write. The catharsis that was his eulogy (which I was blessed with the honour of composing and delivering) seems to have left me with a void, as though nothing I could write now would have any significance or importance relative to that piece.

Hence the absence.

But I am not loquacious for nothing, so here I am, forcing myself to commit to the Web some version of my thoughts and musings, even if they do seem trivial and so incredibly unimportant in the big scheme of things.