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Ice Cream With Dad

When I was about two, my little sister was born. Daddy, who often worked long hours at the restaurant and only saw Mommy and I in the late late evening, suddenly found himself on Daddy duty for more than the brief bonding hour at the end of the day. Now, with Mommy in hospital or at home with the new baby, he was left to entertain me on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

Ever the social animal, his plan for keeping me occupied was simple: go to the Bamboo Drive-In. This was a kitschy little fast-food drive-in with two single arches over a tiny building; it was owned and operated by his buddy, and it also happened to serve the best soft serve in town. Daddy would drive me over, score a free cone (because that's what friends do - they give you free stuff for your kids because to charge you would seem petty and cheap), and have a nice little visit with his buddy while I dribble-licked the fast-melting mountain of ice milk that was slowly softening the crispy cone.
Of course, I don't rememb…


Little L has recently become a little obsessed with measuring her height. She will stand herself in front of the growth chart and demand that I check how tall she is (35"). Then, after I hold my finger in place on the line where I've already written 23m, she will repeat that she is 23 months. And she really isn't a baby anymore (something else she likes to announce periodically throughout the day). Here's a recap of 23 months:

Reading: Karen Katz, Munsch (Thomas' Snowsuit in particular), Frog and Toad, Lucy Leek, Little Critter, Little People Lift the Flap books, Daniel Tiger books, Seuss, Disney Nursery Rhymes, Little Bunny Follows His Nose and every so often she will pull out a sticker book or her Ye-Ye's Christmas book to play with. For the past few days this conversation has also been happening:
LittleL: Have to ask Nana to buy another one! Me: Another what, sweetie? LittleL: Another book! I don't *know* what happened to Nana's book. I think it was br…