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Elevation Station, or Why The Next Few Nights Are Gonna Suck

Little L is fairly sheltered from germs. We don't often play date, she hasn't attended any kiddie classes (and that "dance" one was a total bust so we quit), we frequently wash hands, and she isn't in daycare (the breeding house of all the worst children's viruses).  All of our friends give us fair warning when they're sick, and we do oft avoid them like the plague for a good long time.

So it pisses me off when Little L gets sick, which she is today. It's not like we haven't done everything in our power to protect her, save for shielding her in a bubble (which is probably Hubbs's greatest secret wish). I suspect a very brief visit to some new friends' place is the culprit, since it sounds as though they've been battling nasty viruses for the past 2 months. Maybe it was one of their kid's toys that Little L was handling? Or maybe the viruses were still lurking in the air there? Or perhaps it was our time spent outdoors on the weeken…