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Living Language

Little L is a verbose little thing, totally earning her stripes as a member of our loquacious family. In fact, many who hear her in conversation will marvel that she is only 22 months because she sounds much older. Sometimes her sentences are clear and astoundingly complete and complex, surprising even us.

However, that's not to say that she is completely articulate or that she has already mastered speaking at this point. I mean, she's 22 months old! She often speaks in phrases rather than full sentences, and words are excluded all the time. There are moments when she will talk so quickly that her words blur together;  I want the iPhone sounds more like iwonaphone and her recitation of some sentences from her books are incomprehensible because she doesn't enunciate or pause between words. There are also times when she deliberately mispronounces words to make us laugh; tent becomes tee-ent and cream is said as crem, all to ham it up and make us giggle. And sometimes, she ma…

Fear of Spoilage

Okay, riddle me this: what kind of love fears that loving too much will spoil a child?

I have heard a lot of fear-based parenting "advice" in my short 22 months as a momma, much of it related to "spoiling" Little L and raising a monster. Since when does loving my kid and responding to her needs (and on occasion, wants) produce an entitled, demanding ingrate? I mean, if my parenting style was pure indulgence that wasn't tempered by boundaries or the teaching of values, then yes, there would be cause for concern. But in a household that loves Jesus and is teaching Little L to hopefully do the same, I don't understand this concern about her being spoiled.
Here are some of the gems I've gotten: - don't tell her she is beautiful or smart, or compliment her in any way, lest she become vain or arrogant - don't pick her up when she cries, especially during a tantrum or when it comes to sleep time - ignore her when she's throwing a tantrum and insis…


Reading: Little People lift the flap books, Little Critter series by Mercer Mayer, Richard Scarry books, Karen Katz books, all of our potty books, Seuss, and Usborne First Hundred Words. She's also partial to her Little Bunny Follows His Nose, Munch Bunch, and Usborne Peek Inside the Zoo books.

Eating: My formerly-awesome eater is now a picky eater, partial to fruit, sweet chocolatey cereal, breaded chicken (skin), popcorn, noodles, yogurt, yogurt melts, buttered toast, sausage, cheese and rice cakes. Little L will sometimes get in a mood for something specific (ham, cheese and cucumber sandwiches with mayo, fresh pineapple and cottage cheese, or Viet salad rolls), but her tastes tend to lean towards savoury snacks. 
Saying: "No more iPad left! No more iPad here!" (After I've hidden it)
"You have to use your balance!" (While sitting on a large rubber ball)
"I heard something. I heard a phone!" (When I forget to mute my iPhone)
"Did you have a g…