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Hell No Ween? Hell-oween? Hello-ween?

Since I became a Jesus-follower at the age of 15, every October I have had to wrestle with the whole Halloween thing. Should I, or shouldn't I? How much? Reject it? Redeem it? I think I've done the whole spectrum of things, from handing out candies at my parents' place, to abandoning ship (lights off, nobody's home) and hiding out, to "Noah's Fest" at church, to attending full-costume Halloween parties. Most years I've been mostly ambivalent (read: done nothing), since I was too old to gather free candy and not yet in a place and space where I needed to hand out my own.

But now that I have a walking, talking toddler, it changes everything.  I have to think about Halloween, and figure out how to help her understand it in light of our walk as believers.

As a kid growing up in a non-Christian home, I loved dressing up and going to public school and having a costume party with way too much sugar involved.  Before dollar stores were en vogue, my mom pains…


Time for an update.  Here's a quickie:

Reading: Seuss, Little Critter, Usborne Little Book of First Experiences Treasury, Max and Ruby Treasury, Little Bunny Follow His Nose, and the FP Lift the Flap books.  Karen Katz books are still a favourite, although of late Little L has been more into singing kids' songs and listening to her CDs than reading her books. I have no doubt that her new iPad play time has contributed to this reduced time with her books; I'm just glad she's still reading ;) Eating: "I'm a chocaholic!" Little L will declare.  And she is; she *loves* chocolate milk, chocolate croissants, chocolate cereal... She also really digs her yogurt, her cucumber/ham/cheese sandwiches, rice (in any form), ramen noodles (not the instant kind), baked chicken fingers, baked fish filets (not the fish stick variety, but actual whole fish filets), most fruit, and cheese. Her new favourite snack food? Popcorn.  It's a somewhat dangerous food (choking), so …

I Can't Eat It! Not Taste Very Good

Today was a big feelings day :(. Poor Little L didn't quite know how to process feeling hurt and grieving the imposition of boundaries to her eating, so she cried.  Actually, she wailed. Tragically and inconsolably.  Ugly cries, the kind one might do if their feelings were really really hurt.

My only way to help her was to be firm but kind, giving lots of hugs and reassuring words.  That worked not really at all. So I nursed her. She settled down quickly and then passed out.
And now, as I write, she sleeps in a sniffly slumber.
What caused these big overwhelming feelings of offense? Little L is not yet able to vocalize and pinpoint her specific woes just yet, but her constant repeating of "I can't eat! Not good for little girls" gives me a clue.
When she woke up today and brushed her teeth, I told her she could only use/eat one kind of fluoride toothpaste, because too much fluoride might make her sick.  
When we got to Sunday School, she was immediately reminded tha…

The Family-less Bed

So we are trying to transition Little L to her floor bed now. I am so emotionally not ready to do this, but her rolling off the bed (again!) was sort of the last straw.  Since weaning hasn't happened yet, guess who gets to sleep on the edge of the floor bed with half her fat ass on the hardwood? Little L may be small, but she is a bed hog.

We are on Night 2, and my plan (ha! We know how this will end, don't we?) is to slowly distance myself further and further away from her and the floor bed until I can leave her alone in her room while I enjoy my king bed again.  Based on my projections, I should get to sleep on my own bed again by 2016. 
Anyway, Hubbs doesn't feel right sleeping on that inviting, soft (but firm) mattress without me, so he has temporarily set up camp in our guest bedroom (which doubles as his office, which means he spends about 15 hours a day in there).  The room now smells like dirty socks and beef jerky and oranges, but he is getting quality sleep.
So t…

Why is Little L Freaking Out?

There is a site out there devoted to reasons why kids choose to throw tantrums seemingly randomly. To us, these meltdowns are random and more than a little bit amusing, but to them it does seem like the end of the world (or at least, something major akin to you dropping your iPhone into the toilet before having backed up your photos).  In their little minds, the trigger for the freakout is huge! And frankly, I kind of get it.  I lose my sh!t sometimes even over little stuff, like getting cut off when driving or having to wait in line behind the slowest man on the planet. So I can empathize when something is perceived to be a big issue by Little L, even though perhaps to us it isn't.

So here are some of the "biggies," a list of the spaz-outs my darling Little L has been subjecting us to in recent days.  They are pretty funny, although kind of heartbreaking to watch, too - at least, as baby's momma.  I try not to laugh.  I do try to soothe and be understanding.  But s…