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I Am From! "I am from" is a prompt by's synchroblog post, and I thought I'd chime in with mine.  I did something like this with my fourth-graders for Christmas once, but used the phrase "Christmas is..." instead.  It's fun and can be easy to do.  All you have to do is think of all the experiences, feelings, sights/sounds/smells/tastes, and descriptions from your life that have shaped who you are today, and then write it down in sentences using the "I am from.." as your sentence starter.

I decided to focus mine on the earliest parts of my life, from birth until early adulthood.  But seriously, I could be writing forever.  Here's what I've got:

I am from Mah, strong and hard-working like a horse
But also from dusty, flat prairies and long, cold winters
with scarves and toques and mittens on strings
I am from strangers matched and married in three months, 
a convenient relationship turned into a Christ-loving one

I am from…

On School in the Fall

As the brisk midnight air wafts in through my bedroom window, my mind drifts back several decades to the hallowed halls of my first years in school.  Fall was a magical season, from getting new school supplies and clothes to anticipating which cute boys would be in my class.  The familiar smells of Mr. Sketch would make me giddy, as would those initial days and weeks when everything was novel and unknown; the air was ripe with potential for the year to be great. As back-to-school bulletin boards changed predictably from apples and leaves to cornucopia and turkeys, followed by witches and black cats and jack-o-lanterns, my excitement would grow and grow. My chubby young fingers would inevitably be drawn to the colourful border trim, as well as tracing the grooves along the off-white concrete cinder block walls as I headed in and out for recess.  Every change of the displays preceded another upcoming holiday and season, and the ensuing festivities were always the highlights of my year.…

Friday Reflections

After reading the CNN iReport on "The Unnatural Mom," I was taken back 19 months to that day in the hospital when, with tears streaming down my face, I gave consent to the attending doctors to inject me with pitocin and give me an epidural.  Maybe it was all of those crazy hormones surging through me, or perhaps the hours of unrelenting contractions and sleeplessness, but I felt like I had done my unborn baby the biggest disservice ever.  Guilt flooded my heart and mind, and I was grief-stricken over my choices.

I, too, had somehow bought into the whole "natural mama" mentality, and though in many ways it empowered me to look at birth as a beautiful and natural process, it also biased my preferences in a way that didn't allow a lot of wiggle room for when things went sideways (which it inevitably did, in my case).

And, like the author of the CNN piece, my guilt stayed with me for months, and was compounded by my breastfeeding trials.  I felt like I was letting …


Little L has started forming an imagination.  It has led to all sorts of crazy hijinks, I tell ya!

Like, she will spend literally 10 minutes interacting with her teddy bear, squealing a loud and high-pitched, "Silly Jed! Silly Jed!" before erupting in a fit of giggles.  I have no idea why or how Jed is being silly but it's hilarious to watch. She has been doing this every couple of days, too!

Little L is also obsessed with hiding in a tent.  Per Miss Bee's idea, we have created a bit of a tent/toddler-cave for her by draping a fitted sheet half-over the crib. Little L likes to retreat inside several times a day to pow-wow with her stuffies.  Today she said, "Bye-bye Mommy" and crawled out of sight for 5 minutes.  As I sat watching from the family bed, I could hear Little L talking to her toy companions and yelling when the Fisher Price puppy wouldn't play his songs. 

The other day, Little L made a bee-line for her kitchen and then set up her stuffies f…

On Being Brave

I hate bugs.  Like, fear-and-loathing kinds of hate.  And so, the other day when Little L flipped open her book on eggs and was studying the picture of the egg sac of a spider, I had 'Nam-esque flashbacks to when our old place had that spider infestation.  Instinctively, I shuddered and exclaimed, "Yuck! Disgusting!,"and immediately after that, Little L began to do the same.

A genius IQ or PhD in psychology is hardly necessary to figure out that toddlers learn by mimicking their parents.  It's all part of the developmental process, which is why a whole subsection of the toy industry is devoted to making fake mini-versions of real-life, adult products (including mini-Dyson vacuums! A bit over the top, if you ask me).

But that was a wake-up call to me, because I had never considered, up to that point, that perhaps I could be inadvertently passing along phobias (of bugs, drowning, the dark, cluster textures and clowns) to Little L based on my behaviour and words.  Upon …