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Owning It

Our household is full of distracted parenting. By that, I mean that Little L doesn't always get 100% of our attention because we also have our smartphones in hand, and are busy doing the social media thing or playing games or checking our email.

It started out innocently enough; she was a newborn who hated sleep and the phone kept us awake and entertained while we rocked her or fed her. And at age 0 months, she neither realized nor reacted to having us be on our iPhones.  Fast forward 18 months, however, and we now have a full blown walking, talking toddler on our hands.  She knows what she wants and she understands what is happening.  She knows when she is getting our undivided attention and when she is getting that leftover time when we are waiting for something to load on the phone. And inadvertently, our actions are hurting her heart and leaving a negative lasting impression.
As I've read about this new "distracted parenting" thing, I have become quite convicted …


Me: Look! Panda is looking for his panda friend.  He is lonely and wants his friend to sit with him.
Little L: (moving panda toys to sit together). Hi hi! I sorry, friend! We talk talk! (Later) Little L: The pandas sit together ***
(As we cuddle on the family bed) Little L: I like big hugs! (And then she proceeds to big hug one of us) ***
Little L, recounting the Gospel in her 18 month way:  Devil bad. Jesus good! Owie owie cross.  Owie toe. (Insert her version of the sad duck face) ***
Me: (playing telephone) Hello? It's for you Little L! It's Ye-Ye! Little L: Hi Ye-Ye! Hi Sweetheart! (He calls her his little sweetheart). ***
Little L: I tackle Daddy! I tackle you! (and then waits for *me* to tackle her). ***
(While I was out for coffee with a friend) Little L: (to Miss Bee) Mommy come back soon! ***
(Standing in the bathroom after cleaning up from lunch) Little L: I take a shower!  ***
Me: Do you like this food? Does it taste good? Little L: Terribilicious! Yummy in my tummy. ***