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Tough Stuff

Little L is no fragile flower.  She constantly runs into things and falls down.  She has already had two scraped knees, a bleeding index finger (I think somehow her nail managed to separate from her finger on one side), and a black eye.  She has also run into edges and corners of walls and tables countless numbers of times, and  has had a few spectacular flops onto the floor as well. And with the exception of the black eye fall (which did result in a one-minute cry that I had to nurse her better from), she has not cried after any of those spills or incidents.

Sure, she *did* cry when her fingers got caught in the elevator door (but wouldn't you cry too?).  And she cried when her one finger got smushed a little by a folding stool (the crying only lasted a minute).  But as a whole, my kid does not cry after a spill.  In fact, I didn't notice the knees until a day later, and the bleeding finger only came to my attention when her blood started to stain the books she was reading.


17 Months and Changing

Little L likes to keep us on our toes.  ĹšJust when we think we have things figured out (ha!), she tosses us a curve ball to knock us upside the head.  Thanks for that, sweet girl.

Things that she used to love? Not interested.
LIST: bathtub toys, Fisher Price zoo/farm, stuffies/"friends", the swings, putting on her shoes, jam on bread and pasta with marinara sauce, "drawing," touching the dots on her bedroom walls

Things that never used to interest her? Very interested.
LIST: singing kid songs like Head and Shoulders, Knees and Toes, playing with wood chips and gravelly sand, the slides, climbing into the stroller on her own, the skin off breaded oven-baked drumsticks and chocolate homo milk, counting to 10, kicking a ball

And I think she might be slowly dropping her afternoon nursing; the past few days she has not needed to breastfeed to sleep in the afternoon, but has been lulled into slumber by way of moving vehicle or in our arms (at Superstore!) or during a str…

Get Your Mind Outta the Gutter

Little L has taken to saying, loudly, "A big, a big, a big cock!"


In public.

And it's innocent enough.  She is trying to describe the very large, plumed blue peacock she saw at the zoo a couple of weeks ago.  She just doesn't like to say the first syllable of the word, and it comes out sounding perverse.

But how does one explain this to random stranger at the supermarket who has overheard this phrase, and is wondering if they should be calling Child Social Services?

I am thinking I should just keep this kid at home for now.  ;)

Hot in the Summer Time

So, um, when did your little ones stop wearing onesies, either under their clothes or as their clothes?

Little L is still wearing them, and when she was first born our ex-family doc gave me so much grief when we put her in a sleeper without it that I'm scarred for life.  Fast forward 17 months... and now that it's hot and sometimes muggy outside, I just don't think she'd be comfortable wearing layers.  At the same time, I don't love that onesies are so thin that to wear them on their own might be a bit too chilly, y'know? Little L has tons of cute dresses and summer outfits that are thicker by nature of the fabric or design, and to wear just those articles without the onesie is now an option.  I've actually been doing this for the past two days, with no complaints from my kid.

But is she still a bit too young yet? Conventional wisdom says when she potty trains, that's when you ix-nay the onesie.  Plus they make them up to 24 months in age/size.  She is…

Zoo! Cam-uh! Cock! Gir-aah!

It was our 8th anniversary on Tuesday.  We celebrated by taking Little L to the zoo, which happens to be 45 minutes away on a good day (and 1.5 hours in traffic, which is when we decided to go).  I didn't think the pay-off would be worth the non-stop book reading and entertaining I had to do to ensure we didn't have a backseat meltdown.

But it was. So, so, worth it.

Let's face it: our local zoo is not amazing by global standards.  In fact, it's pretty sad.  The fake lions in the front are showing their age from the weathering of the elements; paint has begun chipping off.  The property is sprawling, but rather than be a lush oasis of eye candy, there's a lot of flat gravelly road reminiscent of someone's farm.  The space is peppered with fake animals to try to pretty up an otherwise-boring space, but these lovely looking lawn ornaments seem out of place with the badly-painted, amateurish-looking "main concession" building.  The mid-point concession bu…

More Antics and Observations

* Little L likes to interject every so often in our conversations with, "Hmm? I wonder..." I think she got that from a Berenstain Bears book.

* Sometimes when we read books now, we will do so in fill-in-the-blank fashion and let Little L finish the sentences.  It is surprising how many words she has remembered from each page of each book.  Alarming, actually.

* "S" is proving to be a challenging consonant for Little L sometimes.  Instead of saying, "I sit!" when she plops herself down on her step stool, it sounds more like, "I sh!t!"

* Little L is really identifying with the subject-adjective/noun format in her sentences, particularly when the subject is "I" and the adjective or noun is something kind of obscure and not really even a word sometimes.  Example: "I shouter!" "I loud!" "I light!" "I sweet!"

* My dear girl has started repeating simple sentences, like "I like it!" Sometimes …


* Little L has figured out that bread crusts are for suckers.  When given a slice of jam-laden bread (her fave), she will automatically peel off the crusts.  We didn't teach her this; she just knows!

* As we read her toddler Bible, Little L likes to stop and point at things that she knows, like "bad cow" for the golden calf or "pray" for Daniel in the lions' den.  Well, she has recently started stopping on any page with a drink goblet and saying, "Wine! Water!" whether or not it's from the last supper or Jesus in Cana.  I'm pretty sure I've only ever told her that story of the miracle once.  Weird detail to remember!
* So, although Little L knows quite a few words, she isn't always good at distinguishing context yet, and sometimes she confuses words. Take for instance the onomatopoeic word, "Baa!" She oft confuses it with another similar-sounding word, which is why, after Hubbs made the sheep sound to her while reading an…