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Repeat Performance

Little L is just like her dad in many good ways, but also in a few annoying ways as well.  One of these less-than-awesome similarities is her penchant for wanting to hear the same thing over and over again.

She is an audiophile-in-diapers, and there are certain sounds or words or songs that really strike her fancy, and she would seriously love nothing more than to hear that repeated all day long.  For those of you who knew Hubbs back in the day, it's like his love for Crystal Waters (la da dee, la da daah...)
Little L likes to shove books in our faces now, with a commanding imperative, "Read!"  Then she will sit herself on our lap, turn to the page she likes (it's usually one page in a book), point, and wait for us to deliver a radio-play-worthy performance.  After we finish and attempt to turn the page, she will flip it right back to hter fave page and point again.  Repeat repeat repeat.
When she is playing her little musical toys on her own, she will now keep press…


Pronounced as /wak'nee/, and defined as the grossness happening on my forehead right now. Wacky acne indeed.

I didn't ever have bad skin, save for an occasional angry red volcano on my teenage nose once upon a time, long ago, in a far away place. But as a grown-up? No, I've always had great skin.

Note the past tense. Apparently my body still wants to punish me for having an easy pregnancy, this time by messing around with my hormones again and creating an awful red bumpy pattern on my hairline . Thanks hormones. What next, a period? (Probably, and sorry for the TMI).

They're hideous. And red. And hurt. And keep getting worse! I've gotten so desperate that I've actually turned to the oh-so-reputable online forums for advice.

The best treatment advice so far? Tea-tree oil. Yep, I'm putting oil on my face to combat the oil on and under my face. Seems legit, right? Surprisingly , it has been working quite well (knock on tea-tree wood). I smell kinda…