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14 Months of Little L

It's so true, that old rhyme about how babies don't keep.  Little L is really not a baby any longer.  She's a full-fledged toddling toddler!

Here's her month in review:

Reading: She has really been digging her Planes book by Byron Barton.  Her old favorites continue to be her preference (see last month's update).  She recently got into Counting Kisses by Karen Katz, mostly because she can point to her body parts as she follows along with the book.  She has also really enjoyed One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish, The Berenstein Bears and the Spooky Old Tree, and the Paper Bag Princess.  But honestly, Little L loves almost all books.

Eating: My girl is into smoothies.  I mostly make mine with yogurt, berries, banana, a splash of apple juice, and spinach.  Sometimes I do orange juice, sometimes I omit the dairy or the greens.  She seems to like all kinds of smoothies, including the ones from Starbucks (minus the protein), Jugo Juice, and McDonalds.  She has also bee…

Am I or Am I Not

This week is National Infertility Awareness Week.

This is a matter near and dear to me, since I've been there, sort of. I've not written about it much, but those who know us in person know our story.

And our story is this: we tried for over two years to get pregnant and were unsuccessful. Tests came back normal, so the docs had no explanation for our troubles. Usually, after a year of fruitless trying, a couple is deemed to have fertility challenges. We ended up seeking medical interventions to assist us.

However, I am obviously not entirely infertile; Little L is living proof of that. She was not conceived in an entirely natural way though. I was taking ovulation pills and Hubbs' little swimmers were artificially planted inside me (after first being "washed" for the mutant swimmers). We were in our second cycle of intrauterine insemination when she was conceived.

So I understand the heartbreak of empty arms, the bittersweetness of celebrating another's…

Music Class Dropout

When I was a toddling young lass, I was apparently a terror who pinched strangers at random. It wasn't an indiscriminate pinching problem, however, in that I was specific in targeting certain people. My victims were all apparently morbidly obese and/or ugly (to me, at any rate); at least, this is what my 2 year-old self told my mortified parents when they interrogated me afterwards. The reason why I pinched them was that I didn't like the way they looked.

I recount this story not to glorify judging people by their covers (which I don't agree with now) or pinching (also a no-no), but to say that Little L may come by this trait honestly. She likes who she likes, and she dislikes some people. Intensely.

One of these people happens to be her music class teacher, who also happens to be a very hefty lady who doesn't fit the general definition of attractive. Little L doesn't like her at all. In fact, she starts fussing the moment she realizes this woman is in the r…


Okay, this was just too cute not to post.  Image courtesy of Melanie Braund, a fabulous friend and artist.

Anyway, I'm back in town and back to blogging soon.  Now that Little L is a runner and also a bossy little thing, I don't get a lot of free, uninterrupted time.  So posts will be short (ha!) if they happen at all ;)

Playground Perv Potential - A Rant

The other day, while we were out visiting the neighborhood kiddie playground, I noticed this:

Actually, what I noticed were the 7 year-old girls playing on it, spinning with their legs up and open in a V formation while gripping the bar with their hands, then leaning their heads back and stretching out a leg and an arm while rotating around the pole with one foot and one arm.  It shocked me, mostly because the only time I've seen moves like that are on Law & Order: SVU when the plotline involves a pole dancer.  These were young girls, who (I want to believe) have no idea what pole dancing is, and were simply having fun navigating their bodies around this spinning piece of playground equipment.

However, I am not so naive as to think that I would be the only person who noticed that this pole looks a lot like a stripper pole, and that the little girls spinning on it like that could potentially attract some very sick people, even though these girls were in no way trying to be prov…

Germ Warfare

As a teacher, you sort of build up an immunity to germs.  All of that exposure to little people will do that to you.

So, pre-baby, I didn't get sick too often.  I averaged one or two really bad colds and one flu per year.  I almost never got the stomach flu.  I was healthy and strong, my immunological defenses ready for battle against the germs of a classroom and a school.  Keep in mind, this is with exposure to 25 kids daily, plus indirect exposure to like 300 others five days a week, 10 months a year.

My, how times have changed.

Now the germs schedule playdates at my house more often than I do.  Seriously, since Little L was born, I've been getting sick on average of once every 6-8 weeks.  I keep getting colds, and I've already had a bout of stomach flu - twice.  And this is with regular exposure to only one little toddler, and occasional contact with the "outside world" via gym playtimes, playdates, and travel to and from Edmonton.

I don't understand this.…