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That's Not Her Name

When Hubbs and I were trying to come up with a name for our little girl, it was a very lengthy, arduous process.  Being a teacher automatically eliminates a thousand (or more!) names from qualifying, since there are a lot of associations to certain names, and those names that do manage to escape that still end up being DQ'ed because they sound ridiculous with our surname, or can easily be made fun of (e.g. rhymes with certain vulgar words, etc).

This is why we totally thought that we hit the jackpot when we discovered Little L's name, which (surprise!) isn't actually Little L and doesn't even begin with the letter "L."  It does mean, however, "daughter of a wise one/wisdom" in Hebrew.  It is also delightfully feminine without being frilly, unique without being complicated or weird, and beautifully simple.  When we told people her name, and even now when we tell people her name, it is often met with compliments. 

However, one problem we didn't …

13-Months of Little L

So I decided to do a monthly meme for the year, to help me remember Little Loquacious's antics at this very fun stage of her life.

I don't remember where this was inspired from, but I'm pretty sure I read something similar on a mommy blog somewhere so feel free to point this out to me if you know where it hails from.

Reading: Favourites are Christmas in the Manger, Mr. Brown Can Moo, and both recorded Christmas books from her Nana & YeYe.  Oh, plus every single Karen Katz flip-up book that we own, and the Toddler Bible, and the Muppets Night-Light book.

Eating: Still loving sausage and egg at breakfast time.  Strawberries, oranges, banana, cheese, yogurt, rice pudding, macaroni & beef, raisins, steamed broccoli, peas and yogurt melts top the list of favourites.

Saying:toes, teeth, hair, hi, bye, ball, balloon, please (said as "peas"), dog, baby, spoon, Daddy, Mama, mum-mum (for eating), done!, go!, deet deet ("fall down" in Canto), Ye-Ye, Gong-Gong…

It's Lonely Being A Mommy

Have you ever wondered why there are so many mommy bloggers out there? Frankly, I think it's because mommies are lonely; this is why we blog (or why *I* blog, at any rate).

But I digress.  I have tried writing post after post about this particular subject, but I never end up hitting the publish button, mostly because I'm pretty sure my post makes me sound like some sort of friendless social pariah.  Which (I think) I am not.

I have friends, and quite a few who I consider very close friends, the kind I have a true sisterhood with.  However, most of them live outside of my city, and those who live close are often busy with their own lives and/or kids.  We do make an effort to spend quality time together, but since everyone's got lives of their own, those times are never as frequent as one might want.

And like every child is different, every experience of mommyhood is equally unique.  This makes it difficult to entirely relate to others, even other moms, which makes the exper…


A prayer
Offered for your angels tonight
Who will one day rest in your arms again
And fill your ears with the music of laughter
But who tonight slumber at His feet
And bombard Him with questions about their momma and papa
You are remembered

Time trudges forward
Blur into weeks and years
But to the ones
Longing for their babies
Wailing in the darkness
Annual dates
With daisies at the grave
And a loneliness that isolates
Like "Rachel weeping for her children
And refusing to be comforted"
A prayer is offered for you tonight
Though those dates may be forgotten
You are remembered

The void within and the void without
He has not forgotten
But be still, wait
For the weeping will turn into dancing
And your cup will be full again
Running over with joy
Running into your arms with squeals of delight
And eager bright eyes
To tell you about those long days and dark nights
That were for them great and wonderful adventures in the garden, at the throne
With Jesus

He does not forget
The ago…

Sawbry Thief

We were away for a week, so most of the contents of our fridge ended up spoiling.  Because we had already finished off any edible items for dinner last night, we had to do a massive grocery shop today.

Little L was in a weird mood during the shopping trip, refusing to sit in her stroller and actually crying about it (which is rare - she doesn't often cry real tears).  We moved her into the cart in an attempt to keep her from a full-blown meltdown.  She calmed down almost immediately.

While I was looking through the baby aisles (in an attempt to add to my sippy cup collection), and not paying attention, someone managed to pry open the clamshell of strawberries immediately behind her little seat in the cart.  When my eyes returned to my darling little girl, she was already biting into a large, juicy strawberry, a look of delight in her eyes and strawberry juice dripping from between her fingers and the bottom of her chin.  As it turns out, she was crying in her stroller because she …

Rethinking Discipline ... ahem *Spanking*...

I'm about to get on a high horse so if it ain't your cup o' tea, feel free to move on.

Yeah, I'm talking about spanking.

And hell NO we are not going to be using this form of "discipline" on Little L.  I am not rethinking my position; I've been against hitting children for as long as I can remember.  However, perhaps you might need to reconsider your position.  Or someone you know probably does.

Last year, the American Psychological Association put out this article against spanking, suggesting that it may pose serious risks of harm to children.  Dr. Jenn Berman, author of Superbaby, lists 10 reasons why spanking is a bad idea.  John Medina, author of Brain Rules for Baby, also makes a solid case against corporal punishment (in favour of inductive parenting, with an occasional show of power/authority).  Time wrote a piece a couple of years ago about the first real-time study of parents who spank, and the results weren't pretty.  And if you Google abou…

12 Month Regressions ... Or Are They?

So Little L (since she's not really a baby anymore) has returned to some unwelcome behaviours, including:

*biting during nursing
*refusing to sleep
*doing strange acrobatic manoeuvres in her sleep
*not sleeping in her (brand new!) crib
*crying and whining in unfamiliar places or with less-familiar people

Oh- and while in Hawaii, she also went into hysterics (think meltdown but louder) twice at restaurants whenever the server approached. Both were male, deeply tanned, and had strong accents. I think my kid's a racist! :o

Anyway, there's of course a logical explanation for all of these unwanted behaviours (aside from the possibility that Little L just hates me and wants to make my existence a little less awesome). She's growing. Mentally, socially, physically - and these "regressions" are signs of that development. Biting = teeth (molars or canines, can't tell which ones yet), she is increasingly aware of her separateness from me and of her environment…