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Brush Brush

Baby L needs to start brushing her teeth. With fluoride toothpaste, no less. Wha..? FLUORIDE?!? Yes, I know. My reaction was similar.

However, as it turns out, my lovely city is so crunchy-granola-hippy-green-organic that they do not put fluoride in the water. Yes, that is correct. No fluoride in our water. Yours probably has it. All of Alberta has it. But not Vancouver.

The result? Generations of kids with bad teeth and large dental bills. Hence the need for fluoride supplementation in the form of kiddie fruit toothpaste.

Thankfully, Baby L is teething so she likes having stuff in her mouth to relieve her achy gums. And fruity kid toothpaste is approved by her palette. The only drawback is that she's not coordinated enough to actually brush her teeth (as opposed to biting on the brush and sucking it clean of the sweet fluoride paste), but has entered into a phase where she's wanting to do stuff on her own. Power struggles over the toothbrush ensue; good thing I'…

Good Gracious Me

I didn't feel like being gracious today, except that this is the woman who wields the needles going into my beloved Baby Loquacious's arms.

It was vaccination day, and although it made me sick to my stomach to do it, I brought Baby L in for shots.  Don't get me wrong - I'm not queasy about needles, and I'm generally not too queasy about needles going into my baby.  I am also 100% okay with most vaccinations.  However, today's set included two shots that, when they were produced back in the day, used stem cells from aborted fetuses.  That is what made me queasy, and entirely uncomfortable.  However, the risks of not getting my girl vaccinated far outweighed even this cost, and my rationalization is that the baby whose life was sacrificed was at least for a greater purpose, rather than all of those poor babies who are killed in utero every day for no reason at all.  It's a weak and tenuous rationale, I realize, but leave me to it; otherwise I would be spendin…

What We Didn't Do This Year

I honestly don't think we're bad parents.  We have a happy, healthy, curious and intelligent baby girl who seems to be pretty good-natured and resilient, particularly when it comes to traveling and adjusting to changes to routine.  She's rad and absolutely great the way that she is.

That said, there are a few things that we totally said we would do as parents, that we didn't end up doing.

* Baby Sign - Epic fail on this one.  We had big plans to teach her a bazillion signs so that she could communicate with us.  She still manages to make her wishes known, but she knows a total of zero signs at this point, because Hubbs knows zero signs and I only know like 5 of them, which I constantly forget to use.  Hopefully she learns to speak soon, so that we don't feel so bad about limiting her ability to communicate with us through sign.

* Sleep Training - As you know, we tried.  We really did.  But since crying it out in any form, even the mild "gentle" versions…

She Turned One

...and that's that.  Wow.  Time crawled for three months, then decided to race ahead of me and beam me into Feb. 2013.

We really didn't make a big deal about her birthday.  Baby L woke up, had a regular-ish breakfast at our favourite breakfast spot, and she played with her toys.  She napped, far too late into the day, and ended up having a late bedtime.  Her Nana and Ye-Ye were in town, so I suspect her excitement might have wreaked some havoc on her internal clock.

We did give her a birthday gift, but it's still in the mail, yet to arrive.  I'll post about it when it gets here.

We also did the cake thing, and Baby L *loved* her cake.  We learned that she's not a messy face-first sort of cake eater.  I think that comes from my side of the family ;)

It was one of those days where, every time I thought of it, I would stop and try to remember what that first day with Baby L was like, when I was half-drugged, groggy, dead tired and also exhilarated at being a first-tim…

Signs that You Have a Toddler

You begin eating certain foods in secret so you don't have to share.

You thank God for the person who invented DustBuster hand vacs.

You know the words to more board books than you do Bible verses.

You have mastered the art of diaper changing a child who is in motion, usually away from you, and usually at top speeds.

There's nothing poisonous, breakable or choke-worthy within 4' above your floor.

You frequently examine your baby's diaper for poop consistency.

You are used to eating cold food, sometimes with your hands, and sometimes after breaking the food into baby's bite-sized pieces.

You are relieved when you discover that the random thing your bub just ate off the floor was just an old "puff" or cookie.

You clean bottles that fell on the floor by sucking the germs off the nipple.

Your nose and diaper-poofiness determine when your kid gets a new diaper.

Your 3-second rule is now a 10-second rule, unless it's in your own house, in which case it mi…

At This Time Last Year...

Seriously, I've been thinking that all day.  It's actually getting to be a bit annoying but I can't help myself, since Baby L's first birthday is approaching at lightning speed.

So, right now, it's like nearly 11:00 pm.  A year ago, I would have been in labour at home and timing my contractions with the hope that I might actually be allowed to head to the hospital.  And I would have been focusing on breathing, as opposed to what I'm doing now, which is surreptitiously decorating our humble home in preparation for Baby L's big day.

In all honesty, I am so very glad that I blogged throughout the later part of my pregnancy, because I would not have remembered half of those details were it not for those posts, which I have since reread and reminisced over.  Pregnancy and the subsequent months of sleeplessness totally warp memories, so that you only remember little bits and pieces.  I couldn't even remember Baby L's birthweight anymore, except that it w…

We Did It!

It is with tremendous gratitude to God and great pride that I can say that Baby L has been breastfeeding for a full year (and counting)!

It was an agonizingly difficult journey at first.  Low supply, underprescribed meds, piss-poor medical advice, positioning issues, biting nipple pain, latching troubles... I traveled everywhere with a My Brest Friend nursing pillow (the inflatable one for inter-city travel), and didn't dare breastfeed in public since it was such a cumbersome, excruciatingly-involved process.  Even my pumping would only produce a sad 3 ounces after milking me for nearly an hour.  My back ached from the nursing positions, my hands had deQuervain's tendonitis, and I was getting so, so stressed out.  How could something that was supposed to be so natural, be so difficult?!

Seriously, I thought the odds were stacked against me.  I was pretty sure I would have to resort to all-bottle-feeding by the time Baby L was 6 months old.  I only set my goal at 6 months, so t…