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Foonf'ed - A Review

So we're back to our regularly scheduled blogging, now that I'm home. (*sniff*).

I thought I'd finally write about our experiences with our new convertible car seat, the Clek Foonf.  We've had it since the middle of December, but with all of our travels, I didn't get a chance to sing its praises (and compare it with other seats) until now.

And compare I did! We've also had a chance to try out the Safety 1st Air Protect, Britax Marathon, and the Cosco Apt 40RF due to all of our recent travels.  Sometimes renting a car seat is a great way to "test the waters," or in our case, do some compare and contrast!

Easy In: Admittedly I did not do this, and I didn't even help with it, but Hubbs was able to get 'er done with a minimal of problems, judging from the fact that he returned from installing it without any complaints, and in good time.  It was definitely easier for him to adjust and install the Foonf than the other car seats, which I *did* help wi…

Brain Rules for Baby

A friend of mine recommended Brain Rules for Baby (by John Medina) to us. In all honesty, I wish I had started reading it prior to Baby L's birth; for creating an environment to optimize your child's brain development, I highly suggest that you read this book! There is so much good content that I can't really summarize it all, but suffice to say I am learning a lot and plan to practice doing the things the book recommends, especially praising effort and guiding imaginative play and practicing intentional empathy (plus not fighting in front of Baby L, and making up with Hubbs in front of her when we do).

Go read this book. Now!

Four for April

So here are four pics so far; sadly, none are from the beach because we are usually in the water with Baby L, not behind a cam. Also, the beach is treacherous because all Baby L wants to do is eat sand, so we are constantly on sand patrol ;)

The four are Waikiki Beach, our view of the beach, the view from Margaritaville during a rainstorm, and the Royal Hawaiian shopping centre at night. Pardon my make-up-less face; it's usually prettier an less greasy (I blame the SPF 50)!

Merry Belated Christmas, Baby L!

Due to traveling and my daddy being sick, we sort of postponed our own little Christmas.  I mean, we celebrated with both sides of the family and had our own little gift-opening in Van, but we didn't really buy each other anything.  Not that that's a biggie - Hubbs and I aren't huge into getting gifts for one another just because it's part of the social obligation of the season; we're rebels that way.

However, we also didn't get much in the way of gifts for Baby Loquacious.  She doesn't mind, of course; she's not even a year old yet, and her favourite toys are often not what you would think they'd be (e.g. she loves the iPhone, my wallet, her new Crocs, tissue paper, and straws - random, right?).  But I kind of wanted to lavish her with presents and that was not in the cards during the hectic month of Dec.

Now that we're on holidays, however, we have all the time in the world.  And some of it is even spent shopping (my favourite sport).  So we k…

Hawaii at 11 Months

I suck at being a photog.  We are nearly a week into our 3-week Hawaiian getaway and I have barely taken any pics.  Granted, we haven't done any official "touristy" things yet, save for going to the beach for an hour one day and hitting the "International Marketplace" on another day.  Mostly, we've been hanging around in the area, taking long strolls and catching up on our Vitamin D production.

My goal for the next 2 weeks is to actually take pictures each day, even if it's only with my iPhone.  It's Baby L's first official beach holiday (and really, her first real vacation anywhere) and I would regret not capturing at least a few of the highlights for posterity.

But Baby L is now 11 months and here are some observations I've noted:

* She has discovered her pointer finger on her right hand.  She points at everything and nothing at all, sometimes holding her finger up in the air like a little trophy.  It's cute and weird at the same tim…

I am SAHM, SAHM I am - Do you like green eggs and ham?

My "mat leave" officially ended this past weekend.  That is, if I hadn't tendered my resignation and given up my awesome job to become a SAHM for a few years.

So, in an alternate universe where I would have made the other choice, I would have been in the classroom all weekend, changing bulletin boards, deciphering where the last teacher "left off," designing lesson plans, tidying the classroom, and doing hours of planning/prepping/photocopying.  My weekend would have been divided up between getting stuff done and ready for school to start again, and spending the last precious bits of quality time with Baby L.  I would have already been transitioning Baby L into daycare, and tried getting her on a more predictable schedule.  I would be worrying during the week about my mid-afternoon and mid-morning nursing sessions (which still happen, because that's still how Baby L gets to sleep most of the time), and I would probably be a basket-case, likely erupting in …


Not Safe For Me!
Some things that have changed for me, post-Baby L, are surprising.  One of these changes concerns my choice of TV shows.

Pre-baby, I was totally a crime show buff.  My faves were C.S.I.:Vegas, Law & Order: SVU, Criminal Minds... notice a theme? Gory and graphic, dealing with the worst in human depravity and deviance - those were my thing (much to Hubbs' dismay!).  As a kid growing up, I was an avid non-fiction reader of true crime stories, and as an adult I was intrigued (sort of like a voyeur) by the sicknesses that can plague the mind.  I guess that's why I studied psychology, and also why I jumped at the opportunity to work in a federal parole office with sex offenders during my internship. 

But, like, something happened when Baby L was born.  A part of me that I didn't know existed sprung to life like a momma bear protecting her cubs, and simultaneously a part of me that is equal parts fascinated/repulsed by the stuff in these shows just sort of d…

Too Early?

I'm starting to think about #2.  Maybe I'm talking outta my a$$ here and it's just too stinkin' early to be thinking about that when Baby L is still nursing and my monthly curse has yet to return and I still feel overwhelmed with being a mom on most days.  But I am thinking about it.

Baby L is only 11 months, yo.  But *I* am mere weeks from the big 3-7.  Time is not on my side any more, and my eggs are just about ready to collect their pensions and retire somewhere warm.  And do I really wanna be the momma that all the other moms think is the grandparent? Cuz when Baby L graduates from university, there is a chance that this will happen (save for my good ol' Asian genes, which might preserve my youthful appearance until one day when I wake up at 70 and BAM! I'm a shrivelled ol' prune).

Anyway, given my challenges with baby-making pre-Baby L, there is a very good chance that doing it the old fashioned way may not work out this time round, either.  The quest…

Looking Up

As it turns out, my Baby L doesn't like hats... But I digress.

Looking back on 2012, I am so thankful to have been blessed and covered by God's grace. Especially as it pertains to Baby L, whose health I dare not take for granted. I mean, I know of several babies born this year to people I know, who have been diagnosed with genetic or physical challenges that range from slightly inconvenient to severe and life-threatening.

As I mentioned previously, we all came down with the stomach flu at the same time this past week.  We've never been sick simultaneously, so this was a new thing for us, and not great.  Usually, when one parent is down, the other one sort of picks up the slack.  How does that work when both are down, and baby is unusually fussy?

Plus, with this particular bout, Baby L was vomiting every 15 minutes for several hours.  Her adorable little face would turn beet red, contort into this tense grimace, and then as her stomach seized up and released its contents, …