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Sunday Experiment

On Sunday, we performed a little baby experiment.  Not intentionally; it was completely unplanned.  However, it turned out to be a success that will lead to further research in the area.

I am talking about leaving Baby L in the church nursery, a decision that Hubbs and I have been going back and forth on for some time.  Mommy and Daddy have their own separation anxieties to deal with, apparently ;)

Anyway, our normal routine at church would be to sit in the service with Baby L until she starts fussing or making too much noise, at which point one of us (usually me) will take her out to feed or calm down.

Well, on Sunday when she began fussing, I did just that.  And outside of the "sanctuary" (which, in our case, is a theatre), I tried to visit with some friends in the lobby, feed her, and walk around with her.  However, Baby L just kept planking in my arms, energy levels on high and not really wanting to be held.  I suspect I was cramping her style, but I couldn't just p…

New Toys

In Baby L news, she has recently become obsessed with iPhones.  Mine, Hubbs...and now, hers.  Yep, that's right.  My baby has her own iPhone.  No data plan, of course.  It doesn't even have a SIM card.  But it does connect via WIFI to our home network and I have downloaded some free baby touch apps for her to play with.

No, this is not a brand new phone.  This is my old 3GS.

And I think we're a bad influence on our baby, because she is obsessed with this thing.  As in, she will play that same app over and over and over again and when I try to distract her away or take it away, she yelps in protest and then the theatrics ensue.

Is this the new TV-as-babysitter problem?

Suffice it to say, we need to be very careful about how we use the iPhone in her presence/view, and also monitor how much time we spend on them, because little eyes are watching, and learning.


Baby L has also developed an affinity for Hubbs' laptop, probably because she sees him on it often.  We …

A New Normal - and Why We Had to Move

I still recall that first shower that I took at home, after Baby Loquacious was born.  While my parents and Hubbs watched over her, I stepped into the glassy cubicle and cried, my tears flowing down as the hot water washed over me and trickled into our tiled floor.  It was like, while the rest of my life had been turned upside down, this was my only refuge, the one tangible experience I could cling to for remembering my life pre-baby.  And when the suds rinsed down the drain and my few minutes of blissful reprieve had ended, I remember having to take a deep breath and steel myself to face my new normal again, with its steep learning curves and restless nights.

Perhaps it was the hormones, and some might say it was postpartum depression, but personally I think I was simply grieving at that moment.  We wanted Baby L, I wanted Baby L, but I was naive in thinking that my life would only change in some superficial ways once she arrived.  There was no way for me, in my childless arrogance,…

Baby No! No! No!

Baby L has begun to crawl beyond the borders of the carpeted area (in our living room).  She wants to go where Momma goes, and is also fascinated by everything in her world, from the zipper on my Bible cover to the wheels on her stroller to shoes and drawer handles and white tags.

There's this tension that I'm struggling with, between wanting her to feel safe to explore her surroundings and learn and grow, to wanting to protect her from darn near everything dangerous and/or dirty.  She likes to crawl to the very edge of our bed and peer over, and I'm constantly grabbing her and barking, "No! Nein! Mng-duk! Yucky! Owie! Dirty!" and every other negative imperative I can think of, in every language and dialect I can come up with.  She wants to put our shoes in her mouth and I'm master of the art of distraction and relocation.  She wants to open the drawer to our dresser and I'm pushing it shut with my feet to keep her from making any progress.

I feel like a…

Fat Bags

(This is potentially a TMI post.  Read at your own discretion, but it discusses woman bits and you might not want to know me that well).

(You've been warned.)

I swear I have looked in a mirror for the past 7.5 months post-partum, but I guess I have always looked at myself from the waist up, and not examined my lady bits and beyond.  I have paid attention to my sometimes-hairy legs when I'm sitting on the floor hanging with Baby L, but again, there is this zone from beneath my belly button to the top of my knees that seems to have gone unnoticed.  Until two nights ago.

Don't ask me why I didn't see it until now.  I have no explanations.

Anyway, to my horror the other night I discovered that I'm growing a second vagina between my legs.  Okay, not literally - that is not possible.  But it almost looks like it.  I mean, I have these soft flabby fat pockets of tissue between my upper thighs, just south of my lady bits.  And when I close my legs together, I swear it looks…

Halfway There

Hubbs is away for 4 full days this week.  Tonight marks the end of the second day.  I am still alive, and so is Baby L.  We both have colds.

Here's a rundown of my kidling's progress:

*Baby L has learned how to whine.  She's a champ at it.  And as it turns out, she also has very strong preferences such that if she doesn't get what she wants or is somehow frustrated by things not going her way, the whine quickly escalates to loud complaining.

*My little shadow has learned how to follow me around via crawling.  Her separation anxiety has only gotten worse since she has been sick, so now she wants me constantly within eyesight.  When I pop into the kitchen (talking all the while so she can hear my voice), she will promptly drop any toy she was playing with and start crawling towards the kitchen.  While whining.

* I can no longer eat food in front of Baby L, unless I have plans of sharing with her.  She has the death stare of a thousand blazing suns, and can probably light…

Boba Air Review

This is not a paid review (I wish!) but I am a giver.  Here's my two cents, so that you too can also invest in a second (or third, or fourth, or fifth) baby carrier for your baby.

We had to order ours from a Canadian retailer in the east, since most places in BC have yet to know that the Boba Air has been released and/or invented.  Yeah, we're behind the times here, and virtually nobody even carriers Boba products.  Not sure why.

Anyhoo, it *finally* came in the mail last week, so I tested it out when we made a trip past the border to go to Trader Joe's.  Baby L had been in her car seat for a while by this point, so she was ready to wiggle and be near me.

I had already pre-set the carrier's straps to fit me, so there were only a few minor adjustments I had to make when I strapped her in.

The carrier is very lightweight, and thin (think jogging jacket material), so it felt much more breathable on a sunny day than your typical soft structured carriers.  It's black,…

Little Snot-Nosed Kid

Mine, that is.  My poor little girl has come down with some sort of common cold, and though I have suspicions about where her virus originated, I will refrain from pointing fingers (you know who you are!).

So now we have a barely-sleeping, cranky, fussy, teething, snotty baby who cries every time I try to wipe the copious amounts of dripping mucous from her face.  Every. Time.  Our home has become far more raucous than I care for it to be, and my poor little girl is so miserable that I am losing even more sleep just making sure she is breathing, and comfortable (relatively-so).

Honestly, I have no idea how other moms survive having terminally, or chronically, sick babies.  My heart has been splintering into a jabillion pieces every time Baby Loquacious sniffles and I hear that awful snortle sound in her nose.  And I physically ache every time I see the little dark circles under her eyes from lack of restful slumber.

I've consulted with Dr. Google and have an appointment with my f…


Lately I've been feeling wistful, not in a melancholy-depressive-regretful way, but in a thoughtful, reflective, pensive way.  Maybe it's because of the sun, rising ever more lazily each morning and retreating to its westerly home earlier each night.  Perhaps it is the chilly breeze that forces me to pull my sweater a little more snugly around myself.

Regardless, I find that I am more cerebral, and sometimes get lost in my thoughts.  One recurrent theme of these thoughts is time, and just how dichotomous the feeling of passing minutes and days sometimes seem.  There are moments when I marvel at how quickly time appears to move around me, and other times when I take note of how very slow the hours feel.  I mean, it was both a lifetime ago and yesterday that my dear Baby Loquacious was just a teensy, helpless bundle in my arms, or a burrowed, mysterious bump in my belly.  Now, already, she is a crawling, inquisitive, talkative little person with a strong and determined will.  Di…


Sometimes moms like to commiserate the woes of being a mommy.  They talk about how their kids fuss and maybe they wake up 5 times a night.  They lament that their little ones cry at the drop of a hat and refuse to take naps.  They complain that their toddlers throw ugly tantrums in public and defy instructions at every turn.

Much as I sometimes also dislike being woken up for the umpteenth time in a night, I try very hard not to bemoan my situation on a regular basis.  I don't get it because, in my mind, things could be worse.  So much worse.

Like, I could have a baby who fails to thrive.  Or one who won't wake up.  Or one who has no empathy and no ability to show feelings.  My baby could have any number of physical/mental/developmental disorders and diseases.  She could be hooked up to tubes and laying in a hospital instead of beside me in my bed (for the third time, after being put in her crib and then waking up crying).  She could be crying and throwing tantrums becaus…


Recently, beautiful April from First Time Mom and Dad nominated me for (or awarded me) two awards: the Versatile Blogger Award and the Liebster Award.  Though I am honored and touched by her generosity and so very encouraged by her actions, I've already told her that I am going to opt out of "claiming" these awards and passing the goodwill forward.  The main reason for this is that I blog here mostly for my own pleasure, and then (hopefully) for the pleasure of the few who frequent my little corner of the blogosphere.  Personally, any extrinsic reward for this intrinsically-motivated hobby of mine tends to place an (arguably, perceived) pressure on me to write for others, which robs me of the joy that is derived from writing for expression's sake.  This is, of course, no slight on the many wonderful talented bloggers out there who enjoy giving and receiving blogging accolades for their work.  I just happen not to be one of them.

But do I appreciate the sentiment? Bey…

A Question for the Mommas

So Hubbs will be heading out of town for several days in a couple of weeks' time.  Usually, I accompany him when it's a longer trip and I stay in town when it's a shorter one.  This is a shorter one.  It also happens to be the first trip that he'll be taking where I am left alone with Baby L.

I have never ever done even 24 hours alone with Baby L.  N.E.V.E.R.

Yeah, spoiled/blessed/lucky me.  Until now, that is.

How on earth am I going to survive 4 days of non-stop baby-caring without my Hubbs to help spell me off?!?
More importantly, how the heck am I going to use the potty to do #2 and keep Baby L contained?!? 
What do you do when you need to go, and your baby is being uber-clingy?!?
I am worried.  Scared, even.  And my kid is smart; she can smell fear.

Although the small, rational part of my brain insists that I will be fine and that Baby L and I will have a great time doing "Girls Week" and going on adventures and dates together, there is also that giant …

April's Friday Question - or, What Did I Miss?

Question: What are the things you miss the most about your pre-baby life but are so worth giving up to have Baby Loquacious? What haven't you given up? What things did you give up that you are surprised that you don't miss?
 Ooooh...I do love a good game of Q & A, and this one's at the invitation of dear April (First Time Mom & Dad).  Yes of course I will respond! :)

1) What do I miss the most about my pre-baby life (but they were so worth giving up for Baby L)?
Stretchmark-free stomachDay-long shopping trips Bubble baths and hot-tubbing with HubbsSleeping in and not having to share my half of the bed with a babyTeaching Gr. 4My hairRandom weekend adventures with HubbsMuch more frequent sex life (sorry, was that TMI? If you have young kids, you know what I mean)Foie gras (aka fine dining)Being able to spend hours immersed in a good book, uninterrupted Having physical space (our place, including kitchen counter, is filled with baby stuff)Watching my TV shows 2) Wh…


Sometimes I think that knowing that the housekeepers are coming soon gives me license to be extra messy.  It's not a conscious deliberate thing, but let's just say I'm suddenly less motivated to pick up that piece of lint that just fell on the floor.  Something like that.  It definitely means that we don't bother taking out the garbage since we know they will do it for us.  And forget about making the bed.  So looking forward to clean sheets and a freshly-made bed tonight!

For whatever inexplicable reason, Baby Loquacious decided to be extra fussy last night.  Not awake, mind you - she went down at like 7:15.  Awesome.  But then she got up every 3 hours or so, crying/whining and half-asleep and looking like she was having bad dreams.  Poor kid.  Extra clingy.  We had to bed-share several times over the course of the night to comfort her, and she kept rolling herself closer and closer to me so that in the end, I found myself half hanging off the bed.  Not a great wa…

Baby Loquacious's BLW Food List

To help me keep track (and let you know how it's going for us), I will try to keep an up-to-date list of Baby Loquacious's foods.  One day when I can figure out how to not re-post this every time there's an update, I will do it.  Until then, you might see this as a recurrent post that looks all too familiar... LOL

Steamed broccoli - hit
Sliced tomato - hit
Grilled chicken breast - hit
Cucumber - miss
Baguette bread - hit
Mum-mums - hit
Mushroom ravioli - hit
Rice cereal - hit
Roasted zucchini - hit
Raw spinach - hit
Raw arugula - miss
Watermelon - hit
Peaches - hit & miss
Farley biscuits - hit
Linguine & marinara sauce - hit
Teething Biscuits - hit
Steamed asparagus - hit & miss
Celery - miss
White rice - hit
Blanched green beans - hit & miss
Boiled/steamed carrots - hit
Dried apple - miss
Grapefruit - hit
Bananas - hit & miss
Plain spaghetti - hit & miss
Mango - hit
Roasted sweet potato/yam fries - hit
Lasagna - hit
Toast  - hit
Avocado - hit

Hair Gone, Wild

As I've already mentioned a billion times previously, my hair is still falling out.  I have bald patches on both sides of my head near my temples, and what is left keeps getting yanked out by a very strong Baby L.

The hair that remains, or is growing back in, is not straight like the rest of my Asian hair.  It's not a gorgeous big-bodied curl either.  It's ... well, kinky.  As in, weird/wiry/semi-curly/won't sit flat on my head.

Has this happened to anyone else, or is it just me (and my sister, and my mom)?! What is happening here?!?