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Solid Food - Soliciting Advice

Any mommas already try baby-led weaning? How did it go?

Baby L is already starting to show a very huge interest in food, even arcing her back in the least-comfy way possible just to stop and stare at Hubbs while he eats.  She's also teething and drooling slimy puddles down her shirt, and sometimes her mouth mimics a chewing sort of motion even though there's nothing in it.  She is beginning to use a pincer grab though she's nowhere near proficient, and she does definitely enjoy putting everything in her mouth.

I'm just waiting for 6 months to come, and then we'll be good to go to introduce food other than boob juice. 

However, the question dujour is: do I start with BLW at around 6 months, or do I start with Chinese rice porridge (congee) and other mushy foods before 6 months?  Her keen interest in food suggests she might be ready before 6 months (which seems really far away right now), but the crunchy little part of me likes the idea of boobing her as long as p…

Life Factory Silicone Teether - Product Review

When I love something or I find something that's awesome, I just have to share the good news (ask me about Jesus! He is the good news...but I digress).  I'm not getting paid to review stuff, and nobody sends me freebies, so this is just me telling you about what I like.  No bias except the ones based on my preferences ;)

Baby L has begun the teething process.  I know this because she likes to gnaw on my knuckle, and her gummy bite is becoming harder by the day.  She's also drooling like a maniac, and we're not talking the normal kind of drool, either.  This is the bonafide stringy slimy stuff, the kind of thing that bibs were invented for.

Anyway, I was out for a stroll with her today and ended up at Saf & Benjamin.  I came across some Life Factory silicone teethers that they sell, and picked up a pack.  After we got home and washed them, I gave one to Baby L and let me tell you, she loved it.

Here's why:
1) It's round and soft and lightweight, which is per…

Lessons From My Daughter

1. Laugh... often, at random things.
2. It's okay to squeal in a high-pitched voice when you're excited about something, or babble to yourself if you need to let it out.
3. Begin every day, and begin again after every nap, with a smile.
4. Keep trying!
5. Notice the little things and find delight in them.
6. Love those who love you.
7. Make a splash.
8. Eat until you're full.  Then stop eating.
9. Learn something new every day.
10. When you hear music, dance around.

Splish Splash

Baby L used to hate taking baths; I'm not sure if it was because the water was too cold, too warm, or if she had a bit of hydrophobia.  Regardless, it was a massive struggle for us to use her baby tub to bathe her.  Then it became a bit of a struggle to bathe her in the tub with me, because she'd get all weird and fidgety and tense.

Well, things, they are a-changin'.  Nowadays, when Hubbs takes her to our bed and begins the strip down process and the sound of rushing waters from the tap fills the air, our little girl begins to grin and wiggle around excitedly.  She has figured out that when Daddy strips her down and Mommy fills the tub, it's time for fun.

She knows the drill and will allow me to wash her face and her hair without fussing; in fact, she will tilt her head back in anticipation of the hair rinsing.  Then, she will allow me to foam her up while she eats away at the bubbles with her hands.  It's so cute when you see all the bubbles on her face creating …

The Best is Yet To Come

Three days ago I tendered my resignation.  In January, I will not be returning to the classroom.  In fact, I don't know when I will be returning to the classroom, although I am certain that at some point in my life God might bring me back there if it is indeed His calling (which it has been for the 7.5 years that I spent in the classroom).

When I told my administrator, she was thrilled for me.  Not because I am a horrible teacher and she's glad to be rid of me (I hope not, anyway), but because she is genuinely happy when a new mom decides to stay home and spend that time investing in their little ones.  She shared her own journey as a SAHM and had nothing but praises for that experience.

I'm of mixed emotions about the whole thing.  You see, I love teaching.  I don't love report cards or staff meetings or grading, but I do love helping kids learn and seeing their progress over time.  It has been my passion and my calling for over the past decade, and unlike so many wh…

Happy Father's Day

Dear Daddy;

Thank you for singing to me every day, and for making me laugh with goofy voices and cute nicknames, and for letting me eat your nose and pull your hair.  I'm sorry about all the poopy diapers and surprise pees, but I'm glad you let Mommy off the hook and are willing to get grossed out by my special stinky packages.  My favourite times of day are when you come to cuddle me in the mornings, when we go for long walks to Science World, when you lie with me on the activity mat to play, and when you rock with me in the rocking chair.

I'm so lucky to have a Daddy like you, who wants to be hands-on and who likes to spend time with me.  I'm also very blessed because you are a natural at being a Daddy, and you are also an excellent provider (I don't know what that means yet, but Mommy says you are that!).  When I see you, I am so happy that I usually break out in a smile and a fart.  When you sing me El Paso and Move On and some of your other favourite songs, I f…

Poked and Prodded

My darling little Baby Loquacious had her second set of shots two days ago.  Poor thing got a bit panicky when she entered the nurse's office and saw the needles; Hubbs theorizes that she may have recognized the place from last time, and that this was what made her anxious.

Regardless, we did another round of Hubbs holding her while I distracted Baby L with her singing sheep.  Then, immediately following the pokes, she went straight to my breast.  It worked again, though I think she cried for like 9 seconds this time, and followed that up with a bit of whimpering too.  At least she wasn't wailing, though the sound of children being hysterical in the other rooms around us was probably a bit unsettling for her.  I told Hubbs it reminded me of when I was in early labour at the hospital and while we were waiting, I got to hear all these preggo ladies making loud horrible sounds that really interrupted my zen. 

She also didn't sleep more after the immunizations (as I had hoped…

Every So Often

... when I look at my little girl snoozing away in the crib, I am overcome.

I see her small frame rising and lowering with each breath.  I look at her tiny, chubby fingers clasped onto the blanket and her little mouth slightly agape.  She's our baby.  She's actually the product of Hubbs and I.  

I can hardly believe that what was once a dream, a longing, and a seeming impossibility is now my reality.  I am a mother.  I am her momma.

And with that comes another thought - I am responsible for this life.  *I* am responsible.  Her very survival depends on me, on us, on Hubbs and I.  The magnitude of this realization hits me hard, and as the awareness sinks in like water seeping into fertile soil, I feel my heart rate suddenly increase and my breathing quicken.  The enormity of the task nearly overwhelms me, and my mind begins to race through the many ways in which I am wholly unqualified to look after this beautiful little gift.  I suddenly feel light-headed and have to steady my…

Stupid Kids

I don't believe there is such a thing as a stupid child.  I do, however, believe that there is such a thing as a stupid parent, and somewhere along the way they ruin their offspring's potential for greatness with their own selfish, lazy choices, resulting in another generation of stupid parents.

Don't make me elaborate - I claim the Thumper Rule here.  But I *will* point you to an editorial that my friend AFree shared with me, written for the blog "Something Awful."  Be warned: there is some profanity in the article "Your Idiot Kid Doesn't Need to Watch Movies All Day" but I can't say that I disagree with the author.  If your 3-year-old has the TV guide memorized for his/her favourite channels, that's a problem.  If your 8-year-old can recite lines to every Disney Pixar movie but can't think of 10 different ways to play with an empty cardboard box, that's a problem.  If your 14-year-old knows every "combination" and cheat c…

Precious MOMents

I haven't read this term anywhere so I'm officially claiming it as my own coined word: MOMents.  I define it as those instances in time when one experiences something as a mother.  They can be positive or negative events, but they are exclusively lived out in the role of a mommy.

While I'm at it I might as well claim MOMentum as my own too! ;) I see this as the drive that propels moms forward and keeps them going on the rough days when sleep is lacking and baby is fussing and the day just doesn't seem to end.

Recently I've had a lot of great MOMents and a resurge in MOMentum.  They both have to do with Baby Loquacious being four months old (officially!) and growing increasingly aware and alert; her big smile and belly laugh to indicate that she knows who I am and loves me charges me up, and I find myself building MOMentum to play and sing and dance with her just to illicit more smiling and laughing.  This, even when the four month sleep regression means …

Two Steps Forward, Three Steps Back

A developmental leap? Four month sleep regression? Teething?!

- Prefers standing to sitting, cuddling with Momma or Daddy to lying down somewhere with a toy
- Fights sleep
- Drool drool drool
- Suck suck suck (everything goes into her mouth)
- Middle-of-the-night wakings again
- Fussy
- Has learned to cry to express wants, not just needs (oh, great!)
- Reaches out to touch stuff, even if it means arching her back in the weirdest posture
- Will only eat when there is *no* other stimulation around (e.g. lying sideways facing Momma to nurse)


She's lucky she's so darn cute!

Recent Developments

What happened to my happy, content, quiet baby (ha! she was never quiet!)? In recent days (read: yesterday and today) she officially switched into another mode of existence.  The highlights of this new mode are:

* everything goes into her mouth (including my fingers, board books, stuffies, blankies, our shag carpet)

* that which doesn't fit in her mouth leads to much loud complaining

* her new favourite position is upright on her feet with Momma or Daddy's arms bearing much of the weight; she'll only go supine if you catch her at the right time

* comfort nursing no longer works to put her down.  Neither does walking around or rocking in the recliner.  It's sort of a crap shoot every night.

* she isn't so fond of formula anymore, and would much prefer to nurse than to drink from the bottle (resulting in much drippage down her chin folds and into her neck folds when we do try to supplement)

* bathing is a new love for her, but only when she can knock down the soap b…