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Oh The Games We Play...And Other Thoughts

Baby Loquacious and I are spending lots of quality time together, now that she's even more alert than she used to be.  Being the Type A that I am (and having the lectures of Dr. David Smith still reeling in my head), I have vowed to make every moment count for my kid.  I don't want to waste opportunities for her to be stimulated and to learn, and I don't want to overstimulate her during moments when she needs to just be by herself and stretch or play or observe her surroundings.  Everything we do is pretty much intentional as far as I'm concerned.

So, having brushed up on my infant (up to 3 months) development, I've been introducing little games and little routines into Baby L's daily life to try to engage her developing brain.  I've already been taping high-contrast images to the back of my nursing rocker so that when she's feeding, she has a stimulating image to gaze at (though it sometimes distracts her from the task at hand).  Here are some other o…

Shot Through the Heart

That's how I felt when I woke up this morning, knowing full well it was the day that Baby Loquacious would get her 2-month shots.  Needles! Pain! Tears! My heart began aching the moment I thought about it.

Little did I know that I bore a real trooper.  I was armed and ready, Infant Tylenol and my Brest Friend pillow and her favourite singing star toy in hand.  I figured I'd have to pull out all the stops.  Hubbs was also prepared for the worst; he was bracing himself for the inevitable scenario of having to comfort both his wife and child.  We both listened at the clinic at the wailing babies, and figured we'd have one of our own soon enough.

Well, when we were called in, we were led to a private office with a friendly, older nurse who looked like the type of grandma who might frequent markets on weekends and support local artists.  She was incredibly encouraging and reassuring, and remarked at how alert Baby L seemed to be.  Our child, for the record, was taking everythin…


I guess it pays to be patient, because finally, after 8 long weeks of trial and error, breastfeeding blues, and sleepless nights, Baby Loquacious and we are starting to get into a routine.  Now we know what almost all of her cries mean (although she doesn't really cry very much anymore), how to mitigate situations where she might hit that "Hangry" mode of hunger, and when to give her time to play and be stimulated versus calmed and rocked to sleep.  By no means are we experts in the matter but we are definitely improving in our ability to read her cues, resulting in a generally contented, growing little girl who is hitting her milestones on schedule (if not early).

But that's not to say it was easy.  In fact, I'm a bit bitter that so many experienced moms have glossed over the truly ugly and/or difficult first weeks of parenthood, allowing me to think that I was somehow inferior as a mom for having had such a hard time adjusting.  Nobody mentioned the fact that l…

Mars and Venus

There are definite differences in Hubbs' and my parenting styles.  Namely - he's a guy and I'm a momma bear. Here are some examples:

Feeding Baby L
Hubbs: will only feed her if she makes overt signs to tell you she's hungry
Me: will feed her any time she begins to fuss (hence overweight baby)
Hubbs: will feed her in any way that allows her to eat and allows him to continue to do whatever he's doing
Me: will only feed her in a cradled position, ensuring that her head is appropriately elevated relative to the rest of her body (but her chin is tilted upwards and not against her chest)

Holding Baby L
Hubbs: will hold her in any way that doesn't cause her to cry and allows him to continue to do whatever he's doing
Me: will only hold her in cuddly positions, mindful of the placement of her hips, legs, back and neck to avoid future neck/back problems
Hubbs: will hold her with one arm
Me: two arms except when she's in a sling or I'm only taking the arm away…