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Love and Angry Birds

I love my parents, and I think they are adorable.  We got them an iPad for Christmas this year, and helped them set it all up this past week.  We helped them download Google Translate and a few other choice apps, including their favourite game - Angry Birds (with the Mighty Eagle).

For the first few days, my Dad was obsessed with the iPad and playing the game.  He would spend every spare minute swiping his fingers over the touch screen, cheering whenever he passed a level, and clapping his hands joyfully whenever he achieved three stars after many failed attempts.  He flew through the first game and its 3 stages and many levels, though I suspect he used the eagle more times than he probably should ;)

My mom, however, didn't begin to play until about two nights ago.  Perhaps out of curiosity, she sat down to try and work through the levels that Dad had already passed, and whenever she got stuck she'd ask him to show her how to do it.  Dad would sit patiently beside her, watch…

Just Say No

Remember those ads from the 80's and 90's (I know, I'm old)?  The "Just Say No" campaign attempted to rally youth against peer pressure and drug use.  I remember thinking the ads were incredibly lame; in hindsight I'm convinced I was right.  It *was* lame.  However, it was also catchy and true.  In the end, we always have a choice.  We get to choose.
And so, as I stare down a post-term pregnancy and the possibility of "induction," I am adopting this decades-old motto.  I am going to just say no to pit...ocin.  What is pitocin, you ask? Well, if you're a momma or a momma to be, you already know what it is.  If you've never heard of it, it's basically a cow-derived synthetic version of oxytocin, which is a feel-good bonding and uterus-contracting hormone that your body naturally produces (e.g. after a good night of lovin').  Pitocin is one of the most common drugs used to induce ladies who are late and/or wishing to go into labour, and…

All My Bags are Packed, I'm Ready to Go...

(...that song "Leaving on a Jet Plane" used to make me cry, because I had to leave on a jet plane and leave Hubbs behind for a year while I finished off my teaching contract in Hong Kong.  So glad the song has lost that power over me now that we are happily together)...

So, I am almost all packed.  Well, I *am* packed, but I keep thinking of more stuff I could pack.  It's kind of brutal, really.  I don't want to overpack since trunk space becomes a premium after a while, but at the same time I don't want to pack too little and end up scrambling while I'm trying to destress and breathe my way through the rushes and waves.

Everyone has suggestions on what to pack, but I can never tell if their lists are suitable for me (and my guess is, they aren't), so I have to sort of compile a bunch of lists together and come up with my own.  Here's the Loquacious Mama bag:
- Bible verses & prayer cards
- iPod, iPhone, camera + charger(s)
- nipple cream
- nursin…

A Non-Update

I went to see my doc today.  Good news? Baby *has* dropped and I'm not imagining things.  My pee remains protein and sugar free and my blood pressure is still perfectly normal.  Baby continues to kiss the doc's butt by being in the "perfect position."  Weight gain this week was only 1.5 pounds, in spite of the ballooning extremities.

The bad news? Baby must be shy or something because I'm still 1 cm (barely dilated), and not effaced.  This means that my little one's head is in the right position and "engaged," but only at a -3 position; she is far away from the birth canal, so much so that my doc had to really reach in there to try and find her head and the end of my cervix (it's still long).  Even if my doc and I wanted a membrane sweep (a more natural form of inducing labour), there was no way she could do this sweep because of my closed cervix.

Also, there isn't anything I can do for my swelling.  It is normal at this stage in the game (s…

Like a Balloon

Compared to most mommas-to-be, I have been blessedly symptom-free.  I haven't been nauseous or had severe heartburn, I haven't been cramping every night, I'm not a slave to my cravings, nor am I limited in my diet because of gestational diabetes.  My Braxton-Hicks rushes have been manageable (and secretly fascinating to me), and my skin has been blemish-free (unless you count the badges on my tummy).  My pee tests have all come back negative for proteins and sugars, blood pressure has been on target (a little low, even) and baby has been sucking up to the doc by sitting in a perfect position (though not necessarily engaged) for the past two months.

So, I suppose I cannot complain that in these last days, I've ballooned up like a latex glove in the hands of a teenager.  I'm not sure what happened, really, but all of a sudden I looked down at my feet and they were unrecognizable.  What used to be a normal looking foot (complete with bones and semi-skinny toes) has tu…

Oh to be a Kid Again

You know what I miss?  I miss being a little kid.  I miss the simplicity of a life that didn't involve bills and taxes, or shredding and filing documents, or cooking and cleaning.  I miss playing pretend for hours on end, swashbuckling neon swords against evil foes and drifting on rafts in the middle of the ocean and "camping" in tents in the living room during a thunderstorm.  I miss being taken care of, and feeling safe because I could just cry it out, tell Mommy and Daddy, and know that they would fix whatever problems I had.  And the magic of Christmas, seeing our home transformed into a beautiful red and gold paradise.  And opening gifts on my birthday that really were a surprise.  And daydreaming and drawing and spending hours with my nose in a book.  Oh, how I miss the ignorant bliss that was my existence!

Those days were easy.  The more I learn, however, and the older I get, the harder things seem to be.  I think, therefore I worry ;)

Which is why I am so excited…

A Few Random Musings

Elizabeth & Mary & Pregnancy & Praise
As I lay in the bathtub staring at my moving tummy and enjoying the odd sensations, for whatever reason I thought about how the Bible talks about a time when Mary the mother of Jesus went to visit her cousin Elizabeth, who was also expecting a child and was in her sixth month (second trimester).  When Elizabeth saw Mary, she was filled with the Holy Spirit *and* the baby inside her leaped for joy (Luke 1:41, 44).  I pondered about that baby (John - who would later be John the Baptist), and how even before he was born God the Spirit was already speaking to him and letting him know who his Messiah would be.  And I began to wonder.  Did John physically bow down from inside the womb when he knew he was in the presence of Jesus? Was he in a breech position that would allow him to easily bow down? What did a baby leaping for joy feel like, for Elizabeth? How does a baby "leap" from inside the womb? Oh, how beautiful and moving that…

My Hubbs Rocks

I sent him on an errand to get me lunch today from Meat and Bread.  He brought back this delicious porchetta sandwich:

Thanks honey! You're the best :)

38+6 & 0 Progress

Today we had our doc's appointment.  It was actually a two-parter, since our first appointment was just a urine test (my doc was called in for a C-section in the morning so we had to reschedule), and it was our second that was the check-up.

It didn't go well.

Stepping on the scale confirmed my worst fears: weight gain (again).  A lot of weight...for one week.  So much weight, in fact, that the doctor asked if I had consumed a significant amount of sodium recently.  Truth is, I had.  My mind raced back to my 15 Dorito chips, serving of lasagna at lunch, and Gatorade hydration...and then the Chinese and French food from yesterday.  Surely it's water retention, I rationalized to myself.  I mean, I can barely make a fist anymore and my toes have rolls.  This is definitely not normal.  But does that explain the overall weight gain of 40 pounds (yes, I've hit the big 4-0, peeps)?!? The nurse who weighed me looked at me sympathetically, attempting to reassure me that it was …

BirthMarks by Cassie Fox

Bad Day for Labour

Thankfully, I don't think I'm anywhere close to being in labour...yet.  Despite drinking my red raspberry leaf tea religiously and eating fresh pineapple and cleaning and bouncing on my exercise ball and doing all sorts of other "recommended" things, the best I can hope for is that I've finally, officially, "dropped."  Even that I'm not entirely certain of, only that I am feeling some increasing pressure lower into my nether regions.

But today, I count it as a blessing that I'm not in labour.  You see, it is snowing outside.  Not a light dusting, but actual snowing, the kind that leaves inch(es) of fluffy white moisture on sidewalks and roads and rooftops.  It snowed yesterday as well, but only in the suburbs; the concrete jungles of downtown (and its proximity to the water) tend to shelter our area from much of the white stuff.  Until today, that is.  As I look out the window of our 11th floor home, I can see a fairly aggressive amount of snowf…

A Little Bit of Whine

I'm fairly certain that, judging from my many previous posts, you are already aware that I consider my pregnancy a blessing and God has been beyond good to me; if you haven't already figured that out, well, there ya go.  He is good.  I am blessed.

That said, today is a day for a bit of whining.  I am mostly content, and fairly certain that I am (or will be) secretly given the stink eye by other mommas (and momma-to-be's) who've had it much worse than I have during their gestational months.

But it's not all roses, people.  There are quite a few things I miss, and I'm not talking about food here.  I am literally referring to everyday things that I would regularly take for granted prior to being preggos (and even in the early stages of pregnancy).  Here's my rant (and feel free to skip it if you only want to read the happy stuff):

* I miss being able to put on my shoes from a standing position without grunting, and huffing and puffing.
* I miss being able to …

Enjoying It - a Reflection

I'm in my last two "official" weeks of pregnancy, which means I'm entering a 4-week period during which 85% of women give birth.  Soon, baby will be joining us on the "outside."  With that comes some mixed feelings.

There is a part of me that loves having her nestled inside my body, taking in all of life's experiences and tastes as an extension of me that doesn't require a car seat or a stroller.  She and I have shared the same space for the past 8.5 months and I have thoroughly loved and appreciated every moment of it.  I still remember when we first found out; I took two tests (one was a dollar store test so I didn't trust its accuracy and needed a second opinion from an expensive test) to confirm that she was indeed beginning her life inside my belly.  Then I started yelling for Hubbs, too excited to contain my news and surprise him with it.

In those early days, everything felt so surreal; I barely believed I was actually with child, and begg…

Book Review: Christ-Centered Childbirth - by Kelly J Townsend

Recently, I picked up a book on Amazon called "Christ Centered Childbirth."  They say never to judge a book by its cover, but I totally did.  This one looked quite out-of-date, or else the cover designer is not very good at his/her job.  However, reviews for it have been favourable and the book did come highly recommended, although part of me wondered if it might be really hokey or uber-charismatic or downright unbiblical.  To my delight, I discovered that "Christ Centered Childbirth" is *none* of those things.

The only biases I can ascertain from my reading it is that the author obviously loves Jesus, so of course the book is decidedly Christian (which limits the reach of the book to believers), and she is pro-doula, being one herself.  There's a whole chapter devoted to doulas, or "Bondservants for Birth."  I personally found the chapter to be enlightening and encouraging, but then again I am also pro-doula.   

Otherwise, the book is generally wel…

In an Ideal Situation...

Sorry, more baby birthing talk.  But you already knew that was coming; the blog *is* called Loquacious Family after all ;)

Hubbs and I were having a "domestic" yesterday when we ran late for a tea date with friends, and tried to figure out how and why we ended up late (especially since I *hate* being late).  I like to blame it on unforeseen circumstances (e.g. traffic, long line-ups) and he thinks it's because I'm an idealist (read: I underestimate how long anything takes because I think I'm superwoman and superwomanly fast). 

Regardless, it got the wheels turning in my brain.  I *am* an optimistic idealist, darn it! I thought to myself.  But is that so wrong?  Of my choices, hoping for the best seems to be the better option to expecting the worst and always hedging my bets.

And so it is with childbirthing, a reality I am facing down as the day approaches.  I've heard the horror stories (because those are the ones well-meaning sadistic people like to share):…

Our Little 21st Century Baby

I posed this question to Hubbs this morning, because it was on my no-longer-teaching-but-will-miss-it mind: "What do you think are the most essential skills and knowledge that our baby's going to need in order to be a successful life-long learner and member of society?"

He paused, then made some goofy joke which I won't bother repeating.  After a bit of thought, we both came up with this list (which isn't exhaustive but a good indicator of where our minds are at):

1) Balance in life - an ability to maintain balance between the physical, spiritual, emotional and mental components of her life through her use of time and resources to the glory of God; as parents, it is our job to help her maintain a good balance between being a student and an athlete, a humble servant of God and a self-assured new creation in Him

2) Health - taking care of her body through active living and eating healthy (and in moderation); we need to model this at home and it needs to be reinfor…