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(Written on NYE)
At this time last year, Hubbs and I were fine-dining it over candlelight at a lovely eatery with mesmerizing views of our beloved city. I was heavily pregnant and eager to have some nesting time prior to baby's arrival.

Tonight, as I stared at the long fingers and large chubby feet of my sick, sleeping Baby Loquacious, it's hard to believe how much has happened in a mere 12 months. Even harder to believe is how quickly my baby is turning into a little girl!

When I was pregnant, I was blissfully optimistic and ignorant about what parenthood would entail. I'm sure I thought that tonight, someone would be babysitting Baby L while Hubbs and I enjoyed a night on the town. For sure, I could not have imagined that I would be cleaning diarrhea and puke off my little girl while trying to keep my own nausea and bowel issues under control. I would have thought foie gras and wine, not chamomile tea and soda crackers, to be the items on our menu. And reflecting o…

Once Bitten, Twice Shy

(This post was written a couple of weeks ago but for some inexplicable reason, I never bothered to publish it.  So here it is.  Late.)

For the past two weeks, I have been Baby Loquacious's chew toy.  Seriously.  At one point, she bit down so hard that it actually broke through my skin, leaving an open wound.


Of course I consulted with all the usual suspects (Kelly Mom, Dr. Sears, every forum on Google that talked about biting babies), and I tried to follow the tips.  The "don't say ouch" doesn't work because, frankly, it hurts like h*ll and your first reaction is probably some other four-letter word, so "ouch" is really a far better reaction than anything else you might be thinking.

Some suggested pulling baby in tighter (read: slight suffocation) to cause baby to release her clamp on the nipple.  That only sort of works, because a) I don't have the heart to suffocate my baby, even for a second and b) Baby L can hang on for a while, and if you…

Meaningful Birthday

Baby Loquacious turns one in less than two months. Time to start thinking about birthday parties.

I am going to be that mom. No, not that one - not the kind that throws the perfect, colour-and-theme-coordinated blow-out bash complete with matching cake, pony rides, bouncy castles and goodie bags for 50 -100 closest friends and family (and their kids). I'm going to be that other mom, the one who is doing a super small, minimalist celebration that might only include family and a handful of others, leaving some to perhaps snicker that I'm cheap, lazy, selfish or apathetic.

Shocked? The trend right now is to go big or go home, at least according to many new parents' Pinterest boards (look it up and you'll see what I mean), and all the chatter I'm hearing/reading from mommies with babies around Baby L's age; we're talking hand-made gift bag tags and banners, home-baked cake pops, and decorating that rivals Christmas.  It seems that there is much social pressu…

No Sting, or Walking in the Valley

Recently my world was rocked. And not in a good way.

My dad received some very troubling news from the radiologist and the oncologist.  There are tumors on his lungs, in his lymph nodes, and in the fluid between his lungs and his chest (pleural effusion, I think it's called). There's a spot on his liver as well.  They need to do aggressive treatments to kill the malignant cells.  My dad has Stage 4 lung cancer, and though we don't know if he has weeks, months or years left on this mortal plane, the prognosis isn't good.

Which is hard for me to deal with.  My dad is only 70.  He is stubborn and jovial and charming and a smartass.  He's the guy who whips up your favourite dinner because you lavish him with compliments, and the social butterfly who works the room like it's his party at every social event.  He tells the best (and most hyperbolic) stories about his early years, and proudly shows off his kids and grandkids at every opportunity.  He is quick to tease …

Eating and Sleeping

So, my last post actually had several comments.  I'm shocked and amazed and frankly, a little flattered that people would take the time to chime in on my teensy corner of the web when there are like a bazillion momma bloggers out there that they could be reading instead (thanks for the edumacational lesson, First Time Mom and Dad)!

Anyway, I was thinking about my predicament with Baby L and sleeping, because to be honest, some nights are brutally hard.  Last night was one of them, and Hubbs and I both woke up this morning feeling pretty beat down.  Baby L, on the other hand, was all smiles and ready to play.  So of course it gives me pause to wonder if there isn't a better way.  More importantly, when might there be a better way.  And also, is my way ridiculously indulgent, and am I spoiling the sh!t out of Baby L and creating a future monster/narcissist?

Thankfully, I came across this post by Dr. Jay Gordon, a pediatrician from the States who is a big proponent of …

Slumber Story

So we still haven't embarked on sleep training, even though the report is in and the money is spent.  There is a part of me that just can't bear the thought of tears, even tears that are due to breaking a "negative" sleep association and not one that is due to distress.

Yeah, I'm a big wimp.

But seriously, even though the OT recommended a "gentle" sleep training program, I do not find it gentle at all.  It basically involves putting Baby Loquacious down when she's drowsy, shushing and applying firm pressure on her until she sleeps, and repeating the process as necessary if she gets up, until she goes to sleep.  If she cries and a more extreme method is required, it entails letting her protest in her crib, alone, for up to a certain number of minutes ("progressive waiting" - sounds a lot like CIO / controlled crying to me!) before entering the room again to do the shushing and firm pressure.  Once she is asleep, the approach suggests not pi…

Crying Over My Peppermint Mocha

Well, it is officially the lead-up to Christmas.  How do I know? Starbucks.  The red cups are back, and so are my favourite hot drinks.

The other day, when Hubbs bought me my first peppermint mocha of the season and I took my first sweet, creamy sip, I nearly burst into tears.  No, the coffee tasted fantastic, and nothing was wrong with it.

But I was overcome with emotion because it suddenly dawned on me that the last time I had tasted the delicious minty-choco brew, Baby Loquacious was still a little bun in my oven, and not a precocious little sassypants in my arms.  That first taste, as it settled into my taste buds, triggered some sort of sensory memory of my pregnancy last winter, and I was awash again in the emotions of anxious excitement as I anticipated my little girl's arrival.

Last year, around this time, Hubbs and I were going through our prenatal courses.  I remember well the "Movember" experience of having him stroke his gross patchy 'stache throughout t…

Finally, a Food She Doesn't Like

Baby Loquacious has been a very good little eater.  Recently, she tried stuffing for the first time - loved it.  She also had cheese recently, which she enjoyed.

But the yogurt? Dislike.

As in, after the first spoon made it into her mouth, the remaining spoonfuls were on the floor, on her seat, in her hair, on her clothes, and covering just about every other place within her vicinity.

So yeah, she's not a yogurt eater.  Nor am I, so no biggie in my books.

But she *loves* macaroni and beef.  Cleaning that off is horrendously difficult.  Ick nast.

Mandarins & Blessings

My baby girl is obsessed with mandarin oranges.  Seriously, she will sit and inhale *two* oranges as a snack.  She'd probably eat more if I let her, but I'm trying to keep her from gorging.

I usually give them to her in segments, sometimes in half-segments.  I often remind her to chew, but she gets a little too, um, eager, and will only chomp down three or four times before attempting to swallow.  Amazingly enough, this has not caused any choking or even gagging.  I know that I have a great ability to eat quickly, and without a lot of chewing either, so maybe she comes by it honestly? Still, I would much prefer she'd at least chew it a few more times.  Hubbs has reported seeing evidence of not chewing in her diaper.  Ew.

Regardless, the consumption is getting out of hand.  We bought a case (5 lbs) last week, and save for the rotten ones (there are always a few rotten ones), she ate 90% of the box.  In less than a week.

Thankfully, she's equally spirited about eating o…

A Generation of ADHD

As you are well aware, we are anti-TV for our little girl; in fact, I don't think she has ever watched even 5 consecutive minutes of TV, ever.  We don't turn ours on when she's awake.  However, one thing I learned from the OT sleep consultant is that iPhones are also a no-no for babies.  Though we weren't exactly leaving Baby Loquacious with a phone for hours on end, she probably did get a pretty sizeable amount of "face time" with the Fisher Price apps every couple of days (like, maybe an hour/day, 3-4 times a week?).

When the OT raised her concerns, she also pointed us to a Ted Talk done by a research pediatrician named Dimitri Christakis.

Here's the video:

It's not a long video but so worth watching, to learn how media for babies today affects their impressionable, developing brains.  I've long condemned the TV-as-babysitting practice of some parents that I know, but equally damaging are those of us/them who are using iPhones and iPads as baby …

Taking a Stand

Baby Loquacious has learned to stand...and with a vengeance! She no longer permits us to change her in a supine position, preferring rather for us to perform miraculous and impressive feats of removing soiled (read: poopy) diapers and cleaning off her bottom while she is on her feet.

Hubbs and I have new skills to add to our resumes.

Seriously, it's nuts.  She stands with the aid of ... anything, really.  The ottoman, the mirror (perpendicular to the floor, but she just pushes all of her weight on the thing and heaves herself up), the crib, my legs, the Megablocks table, the diaper box, the couch, the bookshelves... anything is fair game.

Unfortunately, sometimes after she gets up, she's not quite sure how to get back down to a sitting position.  This causes some minor whining and crying, but for the most part she is thrilled to be on her feet and the big grin on her face reflects her excitement at this newfound skill.

Of course, for us it's panic central.  As our OT like…

Sleep Sucks

Last straw. I am at my wits' end. Baby Loquacious will either get sleep trained or Hubbs will need a third income to pay for some poor woman to come and deal with my 10:00pm-10:00am shift, because I have had it.

I know, I know. You thought I had it good, or at least tolerable, since I haven't been b!tch!ng on here about my lack of good sleep.  I liken it to war; after being in the trenches for a long time, you almost adjust to sleeping in a ditch. Almost.

So what's the matter? So glad you asked!

Baby L still doesn't sleep through the night. In fact, she wakes up every 2 hours.  Oh, and then she cries until she gets nursed. Then it takes upwards of an hour on the boob to get her back into a deep slumber. Then I try to put her down in her own crib in my room. She lasts maybe an hour if I'm lucky, 5 minutes if I'm not. Then she wakes up crying, wanting to nurse again.

Can we say negative sleep association anyone?

Compound that with:
-an asleep Hubbs cro…

BLW - The Last List

This will be the last time I do a list, because, frankly, I've run out of time to write out everything that Baby Loquacious eats, and she. eats. everything.  Some days she amazes me and everyone around her with her consumption.  One night, while my sibs and parents were watching her, she ate 2 bowls of noodles.  Granted, these weren't full bowls and they weren't heaping full, but still.  TWO. BOWLS. At nine months.  WOW.

Chicken shitake congee - hit
Watermelon - hit
Cauliflower - hit
Belgian Waffles - hit
Yellow carrots - hit
Baked salmon - hit
Green beans - hit
Fried egg - hit
Strawberries - hit
Pineapple - hit
Turkey stuffing - hit
Guacamole - hit
Spanish rice - hit
Refried beans - miss (just like momma!)
Apples - hit
Grapefruit - hit
Omelettes - hit
Pork BBQ ribs - hit
Italian sausage - hit
Pork & cabbage dumplings - hit

So yeah.  She eats everything.  And her appetite is insatiable.  Whoever said that babies will stop eating when they're full, LIED.  Mine will…

F.U. Flu!

In previous years I always turned it down.  I was healthy, not in a high-risk group, and reluctant to inject anything into my body that might have adverse effects.  Plus, I had heard the rumours that it made things worse, at least in the short term.

However, now that I am a mommy and Baby L is young (9 months!), we are all part of a high-risk demographic for contracting the flu.  It wouldn't be all that crippling for me, since I am a heavy weight adult, but for little Baby L, who isn't even yet 20 pounds (but close!), getting a case of the H1N1 would really really suck.

So, for her benefit, I got shot by the flu vaccine.  She did too.  Hubbs is going within the week.

My doc prepped me by saying that I would feel it a lot, and so might Baby L, because we've never had the vaccine before.  We might be extra tired, sore, achy, and generally miserable.

She forgot to mention nauseous.

So today, Hubbs and I took Baby L on a quick errand downtown.  Because we weren't going far…


... but surely, we are transitioning back into "adult space" territory, all the while still finding homes for Baby Loquacious's "stuff."

Yesterday, I took apart her exersaucer (yes, me! I did it!) and reassembled it as a play table thing.  Then I took out the multi-coloured foam mats and put down the Skip Hop Playspot Foam mat, which matches our decor colours a bit better.  So here's a pic of the finished products, in our "den" / reading area:

Now to tackle the abyss that is our dining room space.  We so need a buffet, so I think that's next on the shopping list.

Hours and Home

It is 8:30 am right now, and my mind is alert though my body aches from fatigue.  Though we theoretically "gained" an hour because of Daylight Savings Time, I have lost hours in the last few days.  Baby Loquacious has been sick or teething or something, and has woken up every two hours crying and needing to be cuddled by me exclusively; she has not wanted Hubbs at all during these night-time wake-ups.  Furthermore, she hasn't always wanted to nurse down again, which used to be my fool-proof fall-back plan to return her to slumber.  In these past few nights, she has whined and cried, and needed me to hold her in cuddle position for her to go back to sleep.

Strangely enough, too, she hasn't been sleeping in a very, um, normal position of late.  Her body arches and her head tilts backwards while she snoozes on her side.  When I cuddle her, she prefers for her head to tilt backwards and her mouth to be agape as she sleeps on her back.  It is an odd sight, and one that i…

Not All Developments are Positive

Baby L is awesome, 95% of the time.  Unfortunately, there is that 5% when I just want to jump out the window and make a run for it.

She has become mobile, but with that comes a whole new level of separation anxiety and clingyness (sp?).  I don't always need to be holding her but I have to be within quick crawling distance, lest she suddenly get spooked and come a-crawlin'.

Speaking of spooked, she has also developed some strange hesitations (I won't call them full blown fears or phobias because she's not hysterically-scared) toward some of her toys, namely a few hand puppet animals that are more realistic-looking, and certain toys that make a giggling sound.  Creeps. Her. Out.  And she will scamper towards me, wrap her little arms tight around my neck, and bury her face in my chest for a few seconds before taking another look, getting creeped again, and repeating the process.

Baby L has also been teething, which is great for her baby-led weaning, but tough on Mommy whe…

Busy, Baby, Backache

So I have been MIA for a bit, and will be for a bit longer.  Reasons (not that you necessarily care, but here they are):

1) I've thrown out my back, an inconvenience that is compounded by the fact that I nurse lying down on my side (very bad for the back), I end up sleeping in said side position (super duper bad for the back), I have to pick Baby L up from the crib and play yard (awkward bends which kill my back), and my Stage 5 clinger sometimes requires me to hold her for extended periods of time (20 pounds of wiggly weight - awful for my back).  So, yeah.  I am in agony.

2) Our calendar is full.  We have appointments for me (chiro, massage), the car, and Hubbs.  The busy days and long nights (Baby L hasn't been sleeping early since her ER stomach flu visit) make for a tired, cranky me who is up to her eyeballs in laundry and packing (yeah, we're heading back to E-town for a week).  So, blog --> backseat.

3) Did I mention that I am cranky? I. Am. So. Cranky. Baby L ne…

Big Ideas

gcfr7o., <---- That was Baby L's contribution to this blog post ;)

I often talk about how my class size has been reduced to one, but the truth is that I've actually returned to school and Baby L has a class size of one.  She teaches me far more than I teach her, and much of her milestones and achievements are acts of God and not the doings of this bumbling mommy.

I thought that I would share some lessons and big overarching conceptual understandings that I've learned from my 8-month-old instructor.

1. Love What You Look Like
Baby L doesn't wake up in the morning feeling like she's having a fat day or a bad hair day.  She usually sees herself (whether or not she knows it is her is irrelevant) in the mirror or the iPhone and immediately starts grinning and laughing.  She loves who she sees, and isn't caught up with her "flaws" so much that she can't appreciate the cuteness that is there.  Why do I look at what is missing, what is wrong, and what i…

Tunneling Her Way Out

Baby L has become quite the little Houdini on 4 limbs.  She's fast and she'll wait until someone is not watching before executing a masterful little escape.  Where is she escaping from? Mostly the rug area where all of her toys are, and where we've sort of "fenced" her in with bench ottomans and the couch and recliner. 

One of her favourite things to do once she's free is to find places to tunnel into.  She likes to crawl between our legs, and between the legs of the dining chairs.  She likes to be under the dining table.  She also enjoys crawling beneath the clothes-drying rack.  Once, she wormed her way beneath the exersaucer and promptly got stuck.  Hubbs had to rescue her, and let me tell you, it was more challenging than you think because the space is actually not that large and the clearance was pretty low; he had to be careful not to hit her head as he wiggled her out, bottom first.

Inspired by her love of tunnels and by Mama In the City's post on…


I don't remember:
... the last time I had a fruity, delicious alcoholic beverage.
... the last time I got to sleep in all day and snuggle with Hubbs.
... the last time I tasted foie gras.
... the last time I had a date night that lasted into the wee hours of the morning.
... the last time I went dancing.
... the last time I went on a marathon shopping spree.
... the last time I had loud, wake-the-neighbourhood sex.
... the last time Hubbs and I saw a movie at a theatre together.
... the last time I walked the entire seawall at Stanley Park.
... the last time I lounged in a bubble bath, pouring over a magazine for hours.
... the last time I enjoyed a soak in a hot tub.
... the last time I could go out with friends, or on my own, for hours and hours without having to take care of anyone

The Bible says that there is a season for everything under the sun, and it so happens that I am in a season of life where most of these things simply aren't possible right now.  Although I do g…

Erupting From Both Ends

Not simultaneously, thank God! But Baby L has been under the weather the past few days, alternating between massive blowout liquid diapers (the kind necessitating a load of laundry and sheet/clothing changes) and massive puke-outs (also necessitating clothing changes and laundry-doing).  Poor girl had such a hard time keeping stuff "in" that we decided to take her to the Children's hospital.

Now, don't get me wrong; I love the Children's hospital, and they have great knowledgeable staff and we are blessed to have this facility nearby when Baby's ill.  BUT, the wait is atrocious and because they are a teaching hospital, sometimes you end up with students and "in-training" folks rather than the pros.  And me being me, I would rather pony up money and get the "senior" doc and nurse rather than the "junior" (much like how I'd rather have the senior stylist cut my hair, and not the junior) - I guess I'm "US health care&q…


(Okay, so you get to hear Baby L's name in this vid..she's still Baby L on the blog)

I have discovered that my home is unsafe.  For Baby L, that is.  Every corner of every wall is a potential head injury when she crawls and decides to take a seat right beside the edge where the two malls meet.  Every square inch of floor space not covered by a rug or foam square is an invitation for a bump on the head or a face plant.  Every dangling cord, a strangling hazard.  The drawers, the door hinges, the random bits of dust and lint I didn't get a chance to clear off the floor, the wheels on her stroller, our filthy shoes in the hall...and the list just goes on and on.

Enough that I could really die of worry if I chose to.

But ever so vigilantly, I follow her around like a shadow, ready to dive, ready to swoop in and pick up and cover over with my hand and distract.  I don't want to limit her mobility or her curiosity, both of which abound in this active little 8-month-old.  He…


Continue steadfastly in prayer, being watchful in it with thanksgiving.  Col. 4:2 So it's Turkey Day, and the day when everyone in Canada "gives thanks" and remembers to count their blessings.

Alas, why is a grateful heart only cultivated once a year? Why do we not celebrate God's mercies, which are new every morning, daily? This is a pet peeve of mine, this entitled generation that takes so much for granted and so little with gratitude.  Even "please" and "thank-you's" have lost popularity in people's vernacular, and so many want more and more and more rather than be grateful for how much abundance they already have.

I really like Col. 4:2, because it begins the verse talking about prayer, and is a command for us to continue to pray, which implies that we should be praying already.   I also love that the word steadfastly is in there, because often we pray when we want something, and when life is good we tend to shove God aside.  He's…


Maybe that's the metric version of milestones?  Bad puns aside, Baby L has been doing some interesting things lately, and I would like to chalk it up to infant development and not weird eccentricities on the part of my baby girl. :)

Face Pinching
Yeah, I know, pincer grasp.  The good news is that my little lobster is figuring out how to pick up little pieces of meat off her tray. The bad news is that she thinks my cheek is a great place to practice her pinch, and right in that part of my face where I have a bit of extra pudge (in the jawline area) I see a lot of action. 

Teeth Brushing
Baby L has four teeth! Unfortunately, she must have sore gums as well because her favourite thing to do is to bite and gnaw at her My First Toothbrush.  She can sit there and do it for like 10 minutes without getting distracted.  Sometimes, she will also bite at the nipple of her bottle, which drags on her feeding for nearly an hour.  Finally, she'll grab my finger and shove it into her mouth, cl…

BLW - An Update on Foods

So Baby L has finally mastered the pincer grasp.  I love this, because it means she can eat little pieces as well as the big finger-sized ones, and that also means I don't have to be hawk-eyed-vigilant as much as before (though, of course, I still am).

Here are some of her most recent pleasures (and trust me, this girl loves to eat):

* spaghetti squash - hit & miss
* prime rib roast - hit
* green string beans - miss
* strawberries - hit & miss (I had to try this one again)
* water - hit
* pears - hit
* roasted sweet potato - hit
* peaches - hit
* chicken drumstick - hit
* madeleine - hit (yes, bad mommy moment - I fed her something baked and sugary!)
* veggie gyoza - hit
* egg whites - hit
* pork gyoza - hit
* pork tenderloin - hit
* homemade hamburger patty - hit
* homemade avocado chicken marinara - hit
* pan-fried fish - hit
* romaine lettuce - hit & miss

She has also become more communicative about what she wants or doesn't want, and if you try to tear her awa…